Weekend Writing Warrior ~ A Witness

Hello and welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop where writers from a wide variety of genres share from their work in short snippets. I’m continuing to share from my WIP, a gay romantic fantasy inspired by the tale of Snow White. In my last excerpt, King Tristan shared a version of events that deviated from “mere facts”. One of the guests at the feast expressed disbelief, a rather risky thing to do considering Tristan’ volatile temper.


To Gabriel’s great surprise, Tristan did not explode in rage, but merely laughed.

“I don’t blame your skepticism, Minister Mifflin. After all, the days of magic are well behind us.  However, on this day, I assure you the tale is real. My brother is a witness, as is Gavin Falkner.” Tristan gestured at Falkner. “You were a witness to today’s events, were you not, Falkner?”

“I was,” Falkner said, voice steady and gaze unflinching. To Gabriel, the underlying message just for the king—and I know you’re lying—was clear. Tristan did not seem to notice.


Following the death of his mother the Queen, Prince Gabriel returns home for the first time in three years, hoping for a reconciliation with his estranged brother, the new king, but all is not well at Castle Rosenthal. King Tristan has fallen under the sway of a mysterious noble woman with a dark past, and all along the border of the Black Forest, magical denizens are on the move. Gabriel begins to fear for his life. Is the handsome huntsman in on a plot to assassinate him, or is there an even darker, more evil power afoot? A forced flight into the Black Forest may expose ancient magic at work, if Gabriel can survive long enough to uncover it.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warrior ~ A Witness

  1. Oh, I sense some tension developing between many of the characters and King Tristan. That could be very dangerous! Great snippet!


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