Weekend Writing Warriors #13

Hi! If you’re participating in the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia, please scroll down to the next post to find my HAHAT post and leave a comment for a chance to win a prize!  I haven’t quite figured out yet how to update my linky-thingy on the website to go directly to the post.

Okay, back to the snippet!  Greetings Weekend Writing Warriors!  My, I’m using a lot of exclamation points today! Maybe it’s because I’ve finally reached the point where M’lan gets to interact with the major.  Be still my heart. (creative punctuation alert)




Touch of Salar

The major crossed the tiled floor without a sound and stepped up to the table. From behind him, M’lan watched the silk robe slide from wide shoulders and drop to the floor before he raised his eyes, ready to assess what he saw.

His breath caught. Even though he was used to seeing well-sculpted, muscular bodies, this one was exceptional. Faint scars crisscrossed the truly beautiful almond skin but were hidden among the swirls and tangled vines of an elaborate tattoo that climbed from the crease beneath the man’s left buttock to the base of his neck. His torso tapered from the broad shoulders to a slim waist, the arms and legs were lean yet muscular, and the buttocks tight and hard. He had glossy black hair that flashed red in the sunlight. M’lan glimpsed a fine high cheekbone, sculpted jawline, and aquiline nose– a true son of Rakkan.


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About Touch of Salar, soon to be released by Loose Id.

Touch of Salar is a high fantasy, m/m erotic romance. In the kingdom of Rakkan, in a culture ruled by gods, mystical orders and magic, a young monk with the ability to channel the healing powers of the god Salar falls in love with a wounded warrior he knows only as The Major. Relations between the classes are forbidden, and things become even more complicated when the monk discovers that the man he is obsessed with is a king’s assassin. If M’lan is found out, he will be put to death, possibly by the Major himself.

12 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #13

  1. What’s his phone number? After reading this eight. . .Consider ‘what he saw’ Almost unnecessary. Also is he looking at the back or front or all around the major? Something’s missing,methinks. Awesome description.


  2. Whoa, that’s quite a hunk there! No wonder he ends up falling for the major!

    This might just be me, but the location that the tattoo starts seems very odd. I’ve seen a bunch of large back pieces, but never one that started someplace that’d be hard to reach for the tattooist, and hard to see. If you’ve got a reason for it, ignore me.


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