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Hello everyone. I hope you had an enjoyable Independence Day, and if you have a freaked-out-by-fireworks dog like I do, I hope it was relatively peaceful and that all your furry friends made it through without too much trauma.  My neighborhood was surprisingly quiet this year. I usually do a movie marathon while holding my dog’s paw, but I fell asleep early catching up on the last season of Castle.  Have I mentioned how much I love Nathan Fillion?  Anyway, it’s a lovely day for a blog hop, so don’t forget to check out all the amazing stories being spun over on the WWW website.

May we all look this hot while writing.

May we all look this hot while writing.

I’m continuing with my recently completed m/m erotic high fantasy fun in the forest magical romp with witches, threeves and hunky guys with swords.

To Catch A Threeve  (Constable Axel Blackwood and his deputy, Drummond Alloway, are journeying by horseback through the deep forest)

Axel wasn’t surprised someone discovered his mission. The castle at Breckenride was as thick with gossiping, plotting knaves as any backwoods tavern, and despite the caution taken by Lady Lysette word must have leaked out.  He’d warned her transporting the gem would be dangerous and a convoy might be better for the job than one constable and a hired sword, but she’d insisted she wanted to draw no attention to the removal of the gem from the castle.

Attention had been drawn, and Axel had every intention of finding out who in the castle had set a thief after them.  He’d take the sneak alive and whip the truth out of him.

The jingle of tack and a stream of curses alerted him to Drummond’s imminent arrival.  He hadn’t yet told his deputy about their stalker. He didn’t want anything to alert the would-be thief that his presence was known.


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15 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #19

  1. Nice! I was so drawn into this scene. Your narrative is perfect! You laid out his thoughts with lots of details, but your writing remained fluid. I have to wonder if Lady Lysette is in cahoots with the thief/thieves?? Good 8, Alexis!


  2. I hate when someone tries to convince me I’m wrong, and then I turn out to be right, so I understand Axel well XD I liked this line a lot, “The castle at Breckenride was as thick with gossiping, plotting knaves as any backwoods tavern, and despite the caution taken by Lady Lysette word must have leaked out.” The word “thick” with gossip works really well here. I think I read that this is a m/m romance? I enjoy slash XD Curious who the thief is and how Axel knows him. . .


  3. Ooh, a gem! I love the sparklies….seriously, am enjoying the story very much and your main character is intriguing. Can’t wait for more, especially to find out who’s tracking them. Great 8!


  4. Ooh, the suspense is really starting to build up here. I love how you’ve slowly built it up each snippet by snippet…now I’m really on the edge of my seat. As always, love your word choice and writing style. Can’t wait for the next one!


  5. Like the scene, like the description. I found myself wanting to hear a little more action amid the monologue, maybe something about how he noticed the pursuer… did he hear a stick breaking in the woods to the south? See a grouse panicked out of a thicket?
    Good writing! Will follow to see where this goes


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