Weekend Writing Warriors #21

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We’re doing the happy dance at Chateau Alexis today.  Signed, sealed and delivered- the contract for To Catch a Threeve arrived this week so now I can share the news!  No release date yet but don’t worry, I’ll let you know (repeatedly).

I’ll continue with Threeve for a while, especially now that I’m basking in the rosy glow of acceptance.  I’ve assembled the snippets up to this point on the Threeve page, if you’d care to catch up. Basically, Constable Axel Blackwood and his deputy, Drummond Alloway, are on a secret mission through the dark and scary woods. Axel has discovered they’re being followed.

To Catch A Threeve

Drummond grunted and drew up alongside. From any other man, a slight against his mount would lead to blows, if not swordplay, but Axel and Drummond had learned to fight, fence and uphold the law together. As constable to Drummond’s deputy, Axel was his boss as well as his friend.

“Time to find a flat stretch of ground to rest our weary bones?” Drummond asked.

“Up ahead there’s a meadow where the stream crosses the road again. We’ll set up and take advantage of grass for the horses and a clear view of any coming or going on the road.”

Drummond snorted,  “As if any man would be travelling this godforsaken patch of forest.”

“Not many with honorable intentions, anyway,” Axel said, and nudged his horse into a gentle trot.


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Unofficial Blurb for To Catch a Threeve

To Catch a Threeve is an m/m erotic  fantasy that takes place in the medieval land of Lacknor. Constable Axel Blackwood catches a thief and is astounded to see that he closely resembles the love he lost seven years ago in an attack by the evil woodland folk known as threeves.  He quickly realizes he’s fallen prey to dark magic, but can’t help becoming infatuated with his prisoner and is overwhelmed with the hope that he can at last bring his lost lover home.  Bryn Darrow, the half-threeve, half human orphan sent to trick Axel and rob him of much more than a simple gem finds himself equally as fascinated with his handsome human captor and the lure of some place to call home, but believes that the constable is in love with a dangerous illusion.

19 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #21

  1. CONGRATS, Alexis! ~doing the happy dance with you~

    Good excerpt, this week. The dialogue is natural. Good reading flow, and a subtle visual of where they’re spending the night. Nicely done. 🙂


  2. Big congrats on your new contract. I love the title and so far all the snippets. I look forward to reading the whole story.


  3. I really love Axel, and the interaction between the two of them is playful X3 Reminds me of some of my friends :3 I feel like this excerpt is foreshadowing. . . I’m waiting for something bad to happen. I feel like it’s around the corner XD Everything was great, but this line stood out, ” We’ll set up and take advantage of grass for the horses and a clear view of any coming or going on the road.” I feel like the last part could be worded better? Something like, ” We’ll set up and take advantage of the grass for the horses and a clear view of the road.” I feel like it’s implied what they are looking for if you mention they need a clear view of the road, but it’s up to you :$ Looking forward to next week ^^


  4. Great snippet. I like the foreshadowing that they may come across something shady, who’s going down that path of the forest. The dialogue and body language has a great balance; it kept me engaged in the scene.

    Keep smiling,


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