2 thoughts on ““To Catch A Threeve” by Alexis Duran – Five Star Review!

  1. I loved it! I was very good and finished up my deadlines for the day before diving in, which resulted in me staying up way past my bedtime to finish it because I couldn’t put it away (but heck that’s what a good book is for in my opinion!). This is a book that latches on from the start and doesn’t let go until it’s done – to the very last word! I’m terrible at reviews so I won’t go on and on and spoil it because of the twist… and the twist… aaand the twist…!!! This story was really well paced, kept me on the edge of my seat in some parts (the intrigue, the tension!) and drooling in others (do I really need to spell this out?) and Axel and Bryn were just hot hot hot – I love them and want to steal them and put them in my harem (I can right? right?!) And the feels! Omg I was a mess of feels leading up to the end and talking about it has now brought it all back up again, excuse me, I need to go throw myself on the bed and wail (and here I thought I’d be more coherent if I slept on it =/ ) Really, really good book! Please keep writing wonderful stories like this one I am totally selfish and totally need more!


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