Weekend Writing Warriors #37


Hello warriors and web wanderers!  In this week’s Weekend Writing Warriors snippet I’ve decided to stay put for a while and continue with my fledging mystery, set in Phoenix.  Last week I introduced detectives Lucas Fortier and Sandra Teasdale as they approach a crime scene in the wee hours of a Sunday morning.


A rare rain had fallen and actual puddles lingered in the busted blacktop of the parking lot. Of course Luke stepped in one and felt the water wick up his socks.

“Rough night?” Sandy asked as they mounted the cement stairs that zigzagged up the front of the building to the third floor. They’d worked together long enough she recognized his silence as a sign of internal pain. He wasn’t much for sharing his personal life, but he knew Sandy would wheedle it out of him with persistent questioning, so he decided to get it over with and hope the case would prove interesting enough to distract her.

“Alan moved out last night, after regaling me for several hours with a recitation of all my shortcomings as a partner, roommate and human being in general.”


When they reached the walkway fronting the apartments she reached up and patted his shoulder.


This post is part of an ongoing blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Every Sunday, participating authors post eight sentences from a published work or perhaps their current work in progress. Then we hop to our fellow warriors’ blogs and check out all the fabulous fiction that’s happening! I heartily invite you to participate as a reader, writer, or both. It’s a great way to discover your next favorite book. Click here or copy & paste this address: http://www.wewriwa.com

10 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #37

  1. I really liked the water wicking up his sock…cause it just made me feel for him. It’s almost as bad as stepping in dog crap….


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