Weekend Writing Warriors ~ From Mars, With Love


New year, new story.  Well, new to Weekend Writing Warriors, anyway. This crazy, free-wheeling Space Opera is next on my To Finish and Submit list.  The snippet is from Chapter Two, after Eli and his pal Rilke have  been most inconveniently snatched by slave sweepers while scavenging in Old York.


From Mars, With Love

Eli maintained his cool through the whole abducted, locked in a giant dustbin, hurled into space thing until the sex swappers arrived on the scene and he got yanked out of line. Watching Rilke dissolve into a puddle of tears broke Eli’s heart, which wasn’t an easy thing to do after the life he’d led. For the first time his survival instincts failed him and he made a futile attempt to wriggle out of a slaver’s metal grasp, if only to say a proper good-bye. This earned him a sharp jab with some sort of stun gun and he made the rest of the trip to the transfer shuttle in a numbed-out, wobbly state.

By the time the doors of the holding pen hissed shut behind them, he’d regained his right mind and returned his thoughts to practical matters, because getting sold into an unlicensed spaceport sex market was just about the unhealthiest thing that could befall a person. He figured his luck was spent and he’d better start getting resourceful fast. Without his other half, the super smart half-Martian Rilke, he’d be flying on one wing and knew it. Through a narrow viewing portal he watched the huge sweeper recede into the distance and his mood blackened.


Because I can, that’s why.



If you’re cruising for bigger bites of fiction, I’ve posted two holiday stories on this blog; The Wrong Elf Flash Version and The Longest Night featuring Axel and Liam from To Catch A Threeve. Enjoy!


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17 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors ~ From Mars, With Love

  1. Wow, quite the dire situation but I have faith in your hero to overcome it and reunite with Rilke. FUN! Loved the voice…excellent excerpt! (You’re just determined to keep my TBR stack high, aren’t you LOL?)


  2. Oh, what a nasty situation! There are echoes of reality in the real-life ugliness of human trafficking. One would hope for an escape and the ability to rescue his friend as well, to be certain.
    Thank you for visiting me at amodernvampire.blogspot.com


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