My Sexy Saturday ~ Desirable and Deadly



It’s Saturday and that means it’s time for some smokin’ hot snippets in the form of seven words, seven sentences or seven paragraphs.   Don’t forget to visit My Sexy Saturday to continue warming up your wintry day.  This week’s theme is “My Sexy Thoughts”, in which our characters muse, ponder and dream about the one they love.  My seven lines this week are from my very soon to be released (March 3rd!) Blood of Salar, which continues the story of M’lan and Jamil a few months after the end of Touch of Salar.


Jamil tossed his pack to the ground, peeled off his cloak and shirt, and began to undo the buckle holding his bandolier in place.

M’lan’s desire surged stronger than before as he watched Jamil undress. The perfect body M’lan first admired in the healing temple was now even more lithe and powerful. Jamil had benefited not only from the healing of his wounds, but also from the release of the rage and fear bound to each injury and buried deep in his psyche. His smooth muscles rippled in the half-light, causing the elaborate tattoo of shard vines and snakes running down his back to move as if alive. Like the god Ka’alar shedding his serpent skin, Jamil moved with supreme grace and confidence. That made him both desirable and deadly.



This photo inspired Jamil’s tattoo, along with a lot of other sexy thoughts.


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