My Sexy Saturday ~ Stay With Me



Welcome to My Sexy Saturday.  This week’s theme is “Sexy Me Once”, inspired by the lyrics “Kiss me once and kiss me twice and kiss me once again, it’s been a long, long time”.  Interpretation is open, and to me the line speaks of lovers separated, coming together briefly, knowing they’ll soon be apart.  This is what’s happening in this scene between Jamil and M’lan from Blood of Salar, my newly released m/m fantasy.  The assassin and the monk are finding that their lifestyles are not exactly compatible, but they’re determined to make it work.


Jamil slid his hand down to M’lan’s buttocks and cupped a cheek, fingers exploring the crease. “I was mad to come here,” he said, voice husky.

M’lan met Jamil’s hard stare straight on, even though the pressure of Jamil’s thigh against his stiffening cock was intensely distracting. “You were mad to think I’d go sit in a palace while everyone I care about, including you, is tossed about in this war.”

Jamil looked like he might argue further, but his expression softened, and for a brief moment he looked youthful and unsure, almost like a normal person. “I’m obsessed with you. I can’t think clearly, knowing you might be in danger.”

“Stay with me, then. Here.”

“And become a monk?” Jamil chuckled.

“Why not?” M’lan tried to imagine the warrior Jamil spending his days praying, fasting, and chanting and admitted to himself the image didn’t come easily.

“You and Ka’alar won’t rest until you enslave me entirely,” Jamil complained as he massaged M’lan’s ass.


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Blood of Salar blurb:

M’lan, headmaster of the order of Ka’alar and Jamil Jarka, king’s assassin, find their impossible love challenged to the utmost as a rebellion sweeps them apart, sending Jamil on a dangerous mission to assassinate the rebel leader, General Charvat. Unknown to anyone, Charvat is on his way to the temple to exploit the headmaster’s magical abilities.

When the rebel army arrives, M’lan is thrust into a struggle against political and sexual dominance as Charvat attempts to break his resistance. Violence and death mount, awakening within M’lan both the powers of destruction and the desire for revenge.

On the trail of his prey, Jamil begins to question his devotion to M’lan as his once innocent lover transforms into a mage and invades the assassin’s thoughts and dreams. The closer Jamil draws to M’lan, the more he puts his life and his very soul at risk. Jamil soon realizes that his lover might prove to be more deadly than the man he was sent to kill.

A final confrontation between assassin and monk might destroy them both, but Jamil is relentless in his determination to rescue M’lan, knowing that only his love can master the mage.


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