My Sexy Saturday ~ Jump



Welcome to My Sexy Saturday ~ the hop where writers of steamy fiction gather together to share some tasty tidbits in doses of seven words, seven sentences or seven paragraphs.  This week’s them is  “Sexy Me Up”, which I’m interpreting to mean a change in a character’s demeanor, attitude and/or looks, all for the sexier.

My seven paragraphs are from an untitled M/M SF erotic novella-in-progress.  I think this scene pretty much speaks for itself.


Sergeant Jordan Lann set his drink down on the shiny black table and peered across the murky bar, not believing his eyes. He’d only had one drink. Strong, sure, designed to taste like an earthside margarita with the wallop of real To Kill Ya, but not strong enough to make him start seeing things. So after a moment he was willing to accept that it really was Ezra Eleven walking toward him across the Bally Lounge’s dirt strewn floor.

Lann wasn’t the only one gaping in surprise. ZJ and Burn were there too, whispering excitedly to each other. Other eyes trailed the apparition. Lann knew what they were thinking. Where had this fine young fellow been hiding himself? Ezra had never made an appearance in one of the bars before, as far as Lann knew, and Lann would know, because he’d been obsessed with Ezra ever since he’d first met him.

At first, it had been all about looks. Ezra was beautiful, with large brown eyes and thick cocoa brown hair shot through with golden highlights that he kept in a short messy tangle, as if he’d never heard about a comb. He was slim and lithely muscular, like a cat. He was also haunted, that was obvious. His eyes darted around like he expected to be pounced on at any moment. The longer Lann pursued him and was rejected by him, the more he sensed a smoldering passion buried deep within the ice-cold linker. It drove him wild to think about it, and he thought about it a lot.

The Ezra walking toward him was a changed man. Maybe he had hit his head after all. Maybe the docs had loaded him up on mood altering drugs. His eyes weren’t furtively checking the corners, but remained steadfastly on Lann’s face, an amused smile playing around those wonderful lips. His usual stiff posture had relaxed into an easy stride, as if he patrolled the pickup scene every day instead of never.

Needless to say, Lann’s interest was piqued. His cock went from mildly alert to stiff as an iron rod in ten seconds flat. Ezra stopped beside Lann’s table and looked down on him squirming there, obviously enjoying the affect he was having on everyone, not just Lann.

“Mind if I join you?” Ezra asked. He didn’t sound doped up, but there were all kinds of dope available in the station.

“Not at all.” Lann leaned back and tried to relax. It wasn’t like Ezra could say “jump” and he’d ask “how high?”


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