My Sexy Saturday~ Most Definitely Enhanced


Welcome to My Sexy Saturday– the hop guaranteed to get your weekend off to a steamy start.  This week’s theme is My Sexy Galaxy, which gives me the perfect excuse to play with my m/m space-opera-in-progress, From Mars, With Love.  I toyed with the idea of sharing the tentacles, or rather tendrils,  scene but decided instead to share the moment my two heroes meet.  Eli was abducted by a slave ship on earth and after proving troublesome, stuck in a stasis pod for the long trip to Titan.  Lucky for him, the marines have arrived.


Eli’s rescuer returned the laser rifle to a shoulder holster and undid a latch to remove his helmet. He pulled it off and hooked it on his belt. His black hair was cut in a decidedly unmilitary fashion, longish around the face and shorter in back, but the eyes were what really caught Eli’s attention. They were bluer than any blue Eli had ever seen, like a glacier mashed up with the sunny skies of Earth’s glory days. Must be enhanced. Most definitely enhanced.

His blue-eyed rescuer reached out a gloved hand and helped, or rather jerked, Eli to his feet, vice-like grip digging bruises into his forearm. He held Eli at a distance, probably not wanting to slime his nifty super-secret uniform. He was about a hand taller than Eli and a good deal broader. After determining Eli wasn’t going to collapse he released him and stepped back.

“Got one earth rat down here,” he said into his mic, which turned out to be attached to the stiff collar of his jacket. “Seems to be intact and mobile.”

The hard blue eyes turned on Eli again and looked him up and down. Eli suddenly felt much more naked but refused to cower. He moved away in case the man in black decided to shove him back inside the pod.

“Ask them to bring a robe or something, why don’t you?” he asked, putting the pod between them. The man didn’t react, but continued to watch him with a wary sort of bemusement. He was stunningly attractive in that rich habitat dwelling sort of way, and didn’t look like a typical jarhead at all. Eli was only used to seeing beautiful people in holos, or the enhanced variety in the clubs that always looked a little strange, no matter how expensive the procedure.

He changed his mind. Probably not enhanced, except the eyes, which were most likely implants. Eli realized they were staring at each other without speaking, and imagined the man had opposite thoughts about Eli, like how he wasn’t used to seeing earth rats in the buff. He didn’t look disgusted, but Eli felt angry anyway.

His rescuer finally broke his mesmerizing gaze and started to poke around the room. He kicked at the corpse of the security crab. “Looks like we got here in the nick of time, eh?”


Don’t forget to continue the hop to check out more sexy snippets from the other participants.  Seven words, seven lines or seven paragraphs of steamy fun await at My Sexy Saturday main page.

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