My Sexy Saturday ~ Edge of the Precipice


Time to sexy up your Saturday!  This week I’m sharing seven paragraphs from my WIP- the third book in the Masters and Mages series, Curse of Salar.  The theme is My Sexy Boyfriend, and in this scene, Mira is beginning to appreciate his soldier/lover, Captain Rayn Mattise.


Leaning against one of the tall narrow windows, arms crossed over his broad chest, eyes closed, stood Rayn Matisse. Mira’s heart clenched, then raced. Was he in some warrior’s afterlife?

Mira parted his parched lips and cleared his throat. “Rayn?”

Rayn’s chin jerked up and he stared at Mira almost as if he didn’t believe his eyes. He dropped his arms to his sides but otherwise didn’t move.

Mira licked his lips. “Are you alive, or am I dead?”

“You don’t remember what happened?” Rayn loomed over him now. He still wore the riding clothes Mira had last seen him in. They’d been cleaned but were worse for wear, shirt torn and roughly patched, leather coat scraped and scarred. He’d bathed recently and his mahogany hair looked deliciously soft as a sunbeam caressed the side of his face. His bright eyes were guarded.

“No.” Mira didn’t want to talk about the cave and falling into the well. It was too fresh and he felt as if he still stood on the edge of the precipice. He threw back the covers, exposing his bruised but otherwise intact body. “Hold me.”

Rayn didn’t hesitate. Full clothed, boots and all, he stretched out beside Mira and pulled him into his arms. Mira rested his cheek against Rayn’s chest and sighed with relief as the man’s heat melted into him, driving the nightmare further from Mira’s mind.


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