Return of Seductive Studs

Seductive Studs M/M Bloghop is back! Yes,  the world needs more hot guys in love and I’m more than happy to help with that.  My excerpt this week is from my WIP, Curse of Salar, Book Three in the Masters and Mages series.  In this scene, Prince Mira has allowed Captain Matisse into his private quarters.  Alone for the first time with the man he’s been fantasizing about, Mira experiences the unfamiliar sensation of doubt.


Mira took the opportunity to admire the captain’s physique. He recalled watching the muscles knot and flex as Matisse defeated him repeatedly on the shibar field, and how he’d imagined being subdued by such strength in bed.   Faced with the very real possibility, Mira thought he must have been mad. He could never allow himself to be dominated so completely. He had no hold over the man. Matisse wasn’t a servant. He had no respect for Mira’s divinity.

Fear warred with lust. Mira could summon the guards with one word.

Matisse observed him in return, grey eyes unreservedly skimming Mira’s entire length without the slightest glimmer of awe or reverence.

“Those clothes don’t look comfortable,” he said and stepped closer. He froze at the look of disapproval that must have flashed in Mira’s eyes.

After a moment, the captain smiled. “You’re undecided. Perhaps it takes a fight to get you excited.”


Here’s a little inspiration for Rayn Matisse.  No wonder Mira is feeling a bit intimidated.



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