Seductive Studs~ Don’t Press Your Luck

Hello and welcome to Seductive Studs, the blog hop dedicated to the promotion of love, m/m style.  I’m continuing from where I left off last week, a scene from Curse of Salar, third in the Masters and Mages series.(I hope to finish Curse this weekend. Wish me luck!) Prince Mira has gone against all the palace rules and allowed Captain Matisse, a visiting diplomat, into his presence.  Things are not going exactly as he planned.


Mira clenched his jaw. All of his training as a prince reared up in resistance to the man’s flippancy even as his body responded to the captain’s heady presence. He decided to ignore the teasing for the moment.

“If I invite you into my presence, I must wait for you to take your seat.”

“I thought I invited myself.” Matisse smiled and looked at the bench, the wine, Mira. His gaze darkened. “So I could keep you standing all night?”

“Don’t press your luck, Captain,” Mira said.

Matisse’s smile spread into a grin, a fearsome expanse of teeth that made Mira’s loins tighten. “But press I must. I’m under the impression we have very little time together and yet you appear to be locked in your role of untouchable prince. Tell me what you would have me do.”

“Sit,” Mira commanded. “Drink some of the damn wine.”


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