My Sexy Saturday ~ Never Him


Happy Sexy  Saturday! It’s been way too long since I played, but wow, what a crazy October I had.  Anyway, I’m glad to be back.  At first I thought I didn’t have anything that quite fit this week’s theme “While you were sexy” which is a play on the movie “While You Were Sleeping”. Then I remember this little tidbit from a story of mine that was supposed to be a flash piece but rapidly morphed into a novella.

Drummond Alloway is a supporting character from To Catch a Threeve.  I always wanted to give him his own story.  Here’s the snippet in 7 paragraphs:


“Bloody Boulders of Briggar,” Drummond muttered. What was the crown prince doing wandering about alone at night? Prince Tyran had overseen the opening solstice festivities with his usual contemptuous expression firmly in place, withdrawing in boredom hours ago. Had he snuck back out to participate in the common people’s lewd celebrations? The thought made Drummond’s breeches uncomfortably tight in the groin area. The thought of grabbing the severely underdressed princeling and giving him a bit of common discipline brought a rush of heat to Drummond’s face.

“Oh, no. Not him. Never him,” Drummond pleaded with the unfamiliar sensations taking control of his body. Tyran was a typical noble; snooty, spoiled, self-absorbed and irritatingly sharp of tongue. That he was beautiful only added to his disturbing personality.

“Men are not beautiful,” Drummond said to the prince’s back. “They are brick shaped ogres like me, or they are fey, flighty creatures like this here…” It was no good. Drummond considered leaving the prince to his nocturnal gadabout, but by now it was obvious Tyran was either sleep walking or in a trance.  This was confirmed when the prince walked into the icy river without slowing. He’d chosen a place where the water was deep and the current swift. He waded in, rapidly up to his waist.

Drummond lunged after him, catching Tyran by an arm just as he was about to vanish beneath the surface. Drummond wasn’t much of a swimmer, particularly not when fully dressed in leather doublet, wool tunic, breeches and weighted down with sword and sheath on a thick belt. Prince Tyran kept trying to move forward and they both ended up under water, Drummond’s arms wrapped around the prince’s waist, his bulk pushing him deeper instead of rescuing him as he’d intended. He struggled to find purchase on the rocky bottom and burst to the surface, bringing the prince along with him.

The prince awakened from his trance spitting, thrashing and flailing.  “Where am I? What are you…? Help! Help! I’m being murdered!”

“Oh, shut up.  I’m saving your silly ass, Your Highness!”

Despite the thrashing bundle of muscles in his arms, Drummond managed to drag the prince out of the water and collapse with him in the shallows along the shore. As soon as Drummond relaxed his grip, Tyran scrambled away on all fours, coughing and cursing. Drummond couldn’t help but observe the tight royal ass flex and ripple as the sodden fabric of his nightshirt clung to every curve and crevice.  This is my reward for saving it, Drummond thought, giving in to the small pleasure now the prince was out of danger.


Poor Drummond.  If only he could find a nice boy to settle down with.

Don’t forget to continue the Sexy Saturday hop.  There’s a lot of sexy snippets out there for your enjoyment, only a click away.


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