My Sexy Saturday ~ Human Warmth


Welcome to another round of My Sexy Saturday.  This week we’re exploring My Sexy Galaxy, which is right up my space port.  I do love my sci-fi.  These seven paragraphs are from an unpublished novella temporarily titled Machine in the Ghost.  Ezra is a “linker”, a geek with the ability to communicate with alien technology, and Lann is a marine on the space station where they both work.  Lann has a crush on Ezra, but the serious-minded linker has never responded. Until now.


Ezra picked up his drink and downed it in one shot. He put the glass down and said, “That’s very good.”


“Not yet.” He leaned forward and it took all of Lann’s control not to lean in as well. “I wanted to thank you for saving my life today.”

“What? I didn’t. The med-bot did the saving. I just called it.”

“You don’t understand. You pulled me out of the abyss, with this.” Ezra reached out and grasped Lann’s hand. “Human warmth.” He looked at Lann’s hand like he’d never held one before. Hell, maybe he hadn’t. Ezra was so shut off, so closed down, he might even be a virgin. Lann’s heart skipped a beat at the thought.  He looked around and spotted ZJ and Burn staring at them with mouths open. Lann gave them an evil glare and they pretended to peruse the menu of new earth-inspired drinks.

Lann took a deep breath and turned back to Ezra. “Are you on a whole lot of drugs, Eleven?”

Ezra continued to toy with Lann’s fingers. “You’re wondering about the change in me.”


Don’t forget to continue the Sexy Saturday hop.  There’s a lot of sexy snippets out there for your enjoyment, only a click away.


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