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Happy Saturday!  Welcome to another round of Seductive Studs, the blog hop dedicated to m/m romance.  This week’s snippet is from my new release, Curse of Salar, available now on Amazon and all the usual places. I’m continuing from where I left off last week.  Captain Rayn Nevar is reluctantly discussing Prince Dezra with Minister Havran, Rayn’s boss.  Havran speaks first.


“So you think the prince is harmless? A mere pretty bauble for Skala to wear about his neck?” Havran persisted.

“Harmless as long as he’s kept well away from the cultists of Ka’alar and those few madmen who think we need a mage to return Armazin to greatness.” Rayn drained his cup and blinked to keep his vision from blurring. The last thing he intended was to defend Dezra against Havran’s rancor, but an odd and entirely unexpected urge to protect the prince muddled his thinking.

Determined to turn the conversation to safer ground, Rayn asked, “But what do you think of Tovias and his continued incursions across the Rakkan border?”

Havran seized on one of her favorite topics with drunken glee and launched into a litany of Tovias’s failures as a leader. Rayn nodded at appropriate times and tortured himself by recalling his encounter with Dezra, if one could call it that. A look. A stare. A sort of understanding, if Rayn deluded himself enough to believe the prince had actually shown an interest in him and wasn’t simply bored out of his mind.



Blurb for Masters and Mages 3: Curse of Salar

In the desert kingdom of Jahar, the rule of mages has been overthrown and the ancient lineage of sorcerer kings wiped out. Prince Dezra and his sister are the last living members of the royal family and are held prisoners in their ancestral palace.

Prince Dezra lives a life of lies and deceit. In order to stay alive, he must pretend to be a drug-addicted wastrel, trusting no one, isolated from even his sister who has chosen to cooperate with the government that executed their parents.

Into his lonely existence comes a man who should be his sworn enemy; Captain Rayn Nevar. Dezra is irresistibly drawn to the rough soldier and his longing for a simple sexual encounter quickly morphs into a dangerous obsession.

Captain Rayn Nevar knows he should stay far away from Prince Dezra, but his desire for the beautiful young man overrides all common sense. Despite the fact that Dezra’s ancestors destroyed Rayn’s family, the captain finds himself in a position of protecting the prince from the many schemers who believe the last of the mages should be annihilated.

When treachery leads to Dezra’s escape, he is at last free to bond with the serpent god Ka’alar and develop his long repressed powers. Only the arrival of a mysterious monk with powers greater than Dezra’s stops the prince from using black sorcery to destroy all who stand in his way, including Rayn.

As Jahar edges toward another war between masters and mages, Rayn must question his devotion to his increasingly deadly lover while Dezra must decide if ultimate power is worth the ultimate sacrifice.

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