My Sexy Saturday ~ Blame the Equinox


Hello and welcome to another round of My Sexy Saturday.   This week’s theme is A Sexy Paranormal Romance.  I didn’t have to look far for inspiration, as fantasy is my favorite genre to write and contemporary fantasy, or paranormal, adds the extra spice of weaving magic into everyday life.

My seven paragraphs are from a work in progress which I hope I’ll have finished by this summer.  The title is A Familiar Fury.  Ezra is a magical creature who’s taken human form in order to hide from those of his kind who hunt him.


The heat of hundreds of bodies pressed together in the crowded bar irritated Ezra. Usually he took comfort in a warm flock of rutting humans, knowing he was well insulated by their radiating passions, often getting swept up in the mating and connecting with a pleasing companion for an hour or two.

Ezra enjoyed sex, but it was never fulfilling and he never experienced an orgasm, merely a welcome release. This was the price he paid for being free. Only his bonded human could bring him to ecstasy. That was how humans had captured his kind in the first place and Ezra often wondered at the sheer stupidity of it.

Yes, he enjoyed physical sensation as much as the next creature, but to give up not only your own freedom, but the freedom of your kind, for all eternity? No physical experience was worth that, although any of these humans would sell their kind down the river for it, Ezra suspected, the way they pawed and ground into him and licked his neck and fondled him through his clothes.

Tonight, he didn’t appreciate the attention. Stimulation would only lead to frustration and weakening thoughts of how it would be with his master.

Master. The very word made him cringe.

Another fruity drink appeared magically before him. A tall muscular Hawaiian offered it to him, a bribe for a friendly fuck. Ezra appreciated the cut of the man’s jib, but even this brawny, tanned human seemed to pale to insignificance before the image of Ezra’s . . . person. Lately, he’d seen Quinn Nerada in his dreams. The equinox was to blame. Ezra’s stars were unsettled due to his about-face on destiny. They wanted to bring him into alignment, make him bow down before fate. The whole universe conspired against him.

“Drink up,” the tall man said, “You look sad.”


My assignment for next weekend will be to write the blog for this WIP!  Hope you enjoyed it.  Don’t forget to continue the hop to discover a wonderful array of sweet and steamy romance at My Sexy Saturday.


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