My Sexy Saturday ~ Not a Moment Too Soon


Hello and welcome to My Sexy Saturday. It’s been way too long since I participated, but life has stabilized (for the moment) and I’m happy to be back.  My m/m fantasy Gryffon Hall is set to release on August 30th, so I thought I’d share another snippet from it.

This week’s theme is Sexy Unleashed.  Having been forced into a marriage with an alarming, yet sexy stranger, Wryler is about to have some deeply buried passions unleashed.  This is a scene in the library of Gryffon Hall, where Wryler gets a taste of things to come.


Wryler swallowed hard.  Rouchet bent down and kissed him. His closely trimmed beard scraped Wryler’s cheek in a not entirely unpleasant way as his hot tongue lanced into Wryler’s mouth.

Wryler had braced himself for this moment, sure that without the benefit of wine and jealousy his fearful body would recoil from Rouchet’s touch, but in fact the opposite happened. His skin tingled, and he found his fingers creeping up the front of Rouchet’s silk shirt.

Rouchet seized Wryler’s buttocks and lifted him onto the table, pushing his wide thighs between Wryler’s legs. Wryler leaned back, and his palm landed on the open book. He fumbled with the cover, closing the book and pushing it aside all while fending off Rouchet’s bulk and his tongue as it drove deeper inside him.

“This is a library, not a bed chamber!” A high voice squeaked from the doorway.

Rouchet broke out of the kiss but kept his hands on Wryler’s waist, apparently not in the least embarrassed by their compromising position. He looked over his shoulder at a diminutive man in spectacles who strode in with an armload of scrolls.

“Hello, Formister. Wherever have you been?”

“Legalizing your marriage! And not a moment too soon!” The librarian shook a scroll at Rouchet. “Now get off that table. It’s for reading, not fornicating.”


Gryffon Hall ~ Release date August 30th

Useless fourth son of the Lord of Glimmerveen, Wryler dreams of getting married and escaping the rustic confines of his father’s castle. A wealthy merchant’s son seems to hold the key to Wryler’s safe if somewhat dreary future. However, the arrival of a mysterious stranger on the eve of Wryler’s betrothal sends his plans into disarray and Wryler finds himself traded off in marriage to one of the most notorious rogues in the land.

Is Lord Aeric Rouchet the scoundrel he appears to be, or is he something much worse? Separated from his family and thrust into a strange and dangerous new life at the foreboding Gryffon Hall, Wryler must unravel the secret of his husband’s shadowed life and defeat the curse which threatens not only his growing affection for the barbarian in his bed, but the lives of everyone the Lord of Gryffon Hall is sworn to protect.


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