Weekend Writing Warriors #7

Happy Spring!  Love is in the air and on the page.  This post is part of an ongoing blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors.  Every Sunday, participating authors post eight sentences from their current work in progress.  Then we hop to our fellow warriors’ blogs and check out all the fabulous fiction that’s happening! I heartily invite you to participate as a reader, writer, or both. It’s a great way to discover your next favorite book.  Click the link above or copy & paste this address: www.wewriwa.com

Note: I’ve added a fiction page so that you can read the previous postings in one place and catch up on what’s happened so far.

Curse of Salar

“What dignitaries are here?” Mira asked, brushing past Timon, careful to lightly brush his silk clad shoulder against Timon’s bare one as he entered his sitting area, an open place of marble columns, a fountain, several couches and a large fire pit. Before Mira and his sister had been installed in interior rooms facing the courtyard garden, this set of rooms had belonged to his father’s mistress, Selene.  Alandra had rooms on the other side of the courtyard, rooms where their grandmother Kira had lived and died.

When he was a boy, his rooms overlooked the city of Larsa, capitol of his father’s kingdom.  He missed the view of the sunbaked towers, temples and houses and especially the river and the mountain range far beyond. Sometimes he was overwhelmed by a feeling of claustrophobia, and struggled to suppress it.

Timon was talking behind him, and he’d missed the first names on the guest list. Mira threw himself on a couch and tried to disguise his frustration as boredom.


Curse of Salar is an m/m erotic fantasy novella, third in a series set in the world of Salar.  Prince Mira, along with his sister, is the last in the royal line of Jahar, a ruling family of powerful magicians. Mira and Alandra are held as virtual captives in their family’s own palace, kept alive to placate the masses of peasants who are traditional royalists and still believe in the fabled powers of the Jahar. Mira chafes under confinement and dreams of escaping.  Rayn Matisse is a soldier in the rebel army. He has no interest whatsoever in seeing the royals reinstated until he meets Mira and begins to fall under the prince’s magical sway.  Rayn’s people were cursed by the Jahar centuries ago, and though long thought to be a myth, the curse begins to assert its powers once again. As assassination and rebellion upset the false calm of the kingdom, Rayn finds himself torn between love and fear of the young man who possesses an uncanny ability to control him.

15 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #7

  1. “…careful to lightly brush his silk clad shoulder against Timon’s bare one..” Sensual description that left me wondering if perhaps a little magic went into the touch. Great 8!


  2. I’m really starting to not like Timon. If he’s trying to seduce Mira, he’s a pig. He obviously knows Mira’s situation–that he’s pretty much a prisoner. Seems like he’s taking advantage, you know? Good 8 🙂


  3. Your narrative voice is lovely – you’ve managed to include backstory into this little snippet without taking us away from the immediacy of the scene. Well done! 🙂


    • Yes, no one is innocent. Although a mere servant, Timon resents Mira’s high-handedness, which might lead him to actions he’ll later regret. I appreciate your interest in the plot!


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