Weekend Writing Warriors #8

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Great news!  The first book in the Salar series will be published by Loose ID!!!  More details to follow soon.  I’ve been posting excerpts from the third in the series, Curse of Salar, which is my current WIP.  In celebration of an actual publishing contract, this weekend I’ll post from Touch.


Touch of Salar 

The sun pierced a crevice in the mountains and M’lan raised a hand to shield his eyes. He stood on a desert battlefield littered with the wounded, the dying and the dead. He let the blood-smeared sword in his other hand drop.  Dawn cut across the broken earth in a fiery lance, the anger of the god Salar exposing man’s cruelty in shocking, vivid detail.  Blood everywhere, limbs hacked, horses screaming. Hundreds of cold sightless eyes, all turning toward him. M’lan stepped forward and tripped over a body at his feet.  He fell, not onto a rock-strewn desert, but marble steps.


About Touch of Salar

Touch of Salar is a high fantasy, m/m erotic romance. In the kingdom of Rakkan, in a culture ruled by gods, temples and magic, a young monk with the ability to channel the healing powers of the god Salar falls in love with a wounded warrior he knows only as The Major.  Relations between the classes are forbidden, and things become even more complicated when the monk discovers that the man he is obsessed with is a king’s assassin.  If M’lan is found out, he will be put to death, possibly by the Major himself.

16 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #8

  1. Wonderfully described scene! It’s no doubt you landed a contract with quality writing like this. Congratulations to you!! 🙂


  2. Great snippet. You put me there, into the scene, surrounded by death and destruction. Well done. And a cool concept.
    Congratulations on the sale! I have also just sold a book to Loose Id and am very excited;).


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