My Sexy Saturday ~ Evil Elf Visits Starbucks


Welcome to another sizzling episode of My Sexy Saturday.  The theme this week is “I’m so sexy”, in which we get to introduce those characters who are hot, hot, hot and probably know it.  My sexy character, Zeke the elf with evil intentions, definitely knows it.   I’m sharing seven paragraphs from my contemporary m/m fantasy, Dark Heart. Not yet published but hopefully (fingers crossed) soon to see the light of day.


The door opened, a gust of wet wind blew in, and time stopped. Ezekiel stood in front of the door as it closed. He’d changed his clothes. He wore jeans and a close-fitting black leather jacket. Unlike the musketeer coat, it showed off his slim waist as well as his broad shoulders. His black silk shirt was open at the neck. Sunglasses hid the magical eyes, but there was no mistaking the evil elf.

He scanned the shop a bit then walked straight for Ian’s table. He stopped so close Ian could smell the salt air and deep woods piney scent wafting off his skin, like he’d taken a bath in the ocean and toweled off with cedar bark. His hair looked shorter, or more styled, with the bangs hitting the high line of his cheekbone, the back brushing the collar of his jacket.

“Good afternoon. Mind if join you?” he asked in soft, melodious voice.

“Yes, I do. Go away.” Ian looked around. Everyone else was oblivious to the dark elf in their midst. They tapped on phones, stared at computers, rustled papers. Dijeree and the barista laughed. Ezekiel sat down directly across from Ian. He pushed his glasses back into his hair, unveiling the eyes.

“Why do you resist me, Ian?” he said. He grabbed one of Ian’s hands from the table before Ian could snatch it away.

“Because I . . . you . . . you want to kill me.”

The elf laughed. It was a warm, friendly sound. His eyes gleamed under the fluorescent lights and shifted colors – blue, grey, silver. He turned Ian’s hand over, smoothed out the clenched fingers and ran a finger along his palm. “I do not want to kill you. I want to take you away from this ordinary, depleted life. I want to make love to you. I want to fuck you until you can’t walk straight.”


Time for another play date with the writers of My Sexy Saturday.  Wether you’re a reader, writer or both, there’s plenty of steamy fun to be had by clicking the link and checking out the amazing selection of excerpts.  Writers of sizzling hot fiction will share either 7 words, 7 lines or 7 paragraphs from one of their works.

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