My Sexy Saturday ~ Together. On Purpose.


Welcome to my surly little corner of My Sexy Saturday’s Valentine’s Day Blog Hop.  I’ve never been much into this holiday, but that won’t stop me from playing along.  To get your V-Day off to a rousing start, click the link and continue the hop.  I’m sure lots of the other writers will be doing our Valentine’s Day theme up right.  I however, relate to Eli, the MC in my space opera, From Mars, With Love.  He’s not much into intimacy, and hasn’t had much luck with love.  When tall, dark and mysterious intergalactic entrepeneur Zane Ravenna takes more than a sexual interest in him, he finds it a little hard to swallow.

Zane speaks first.


“You really never heard of V-Day on the ground?” For the first time since Eli had met him, Zane looked the slightest bit uncomfortable. “It’s a holiday set aside for the celebration of romantic love.”

“So what’s that got to do with us?” Eli asked, still feeling petulant about the groundling comment.

Zane moved in close enough to tickle Eli’s ear with his breath and send those annoying electric currents shooting beneath his skin. “I thought that since we’re lovers now—”

“Is that we’re calling it?” Now it was Eli’s turn to feel uncomfortable. The sudden rush of heat to his face made his bad mood worse.

“That’s what I’m calling it. I thought we could do something. Together. On purpose.”

“To celebrate that we’re finally fucking?”

Zane sighed and rolled his eyes toward the ceiling. “I want to show you my ship.”


7 thoughts on “My Sexy Saturday ~ Together. On Purpose.

  1. Hmmm I can totally relate to Zane’s frustration with Eli. But then again, I’m a hopeless romantic who spent twenty years with a man who was very similar to Eli.



  2. Yikes! I can definitely feel the tension about their new relationship. But, at least they’re both honest. Great excerpt!


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