My Sexy Saturday~ Face the Fire


Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, the hop where writers share in seven words, lines or paragraphs, a snippet of their smokin’ hot fiction.  This week’s theme is Our Sexy Best, inspired by the Tina Turner song, The Best.  Personally, when I heard the theme I thought of Carly Simon’s Nobody Does it Better, especially the refrain, Baby, You’re the Best.  And because it’s a song from the James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me,  I think danger and excitement, and how when you meet the one who really is the best, no amount of risk or common sense will stand in the way.

My seven paragraphs are from the soon-to be-released (June 30th!) contemporary fantasy, Betwixt and Between.  I thought I’d share a moment when Ian begins to admit to himself that Zeke is definitely the best.


Ian sensed heat radiating next to him as if he slept beside a campfire. His heart started to pound. Which was real, the bed or the fire? Was he still trapped in the dark realm? No use putting it off. He opened his eyes and turned his head to face the fire.

Zeke lay beside him, eyes wide open, staring at him.

“That’s kind of creepy, you know, watching someone sleep,” Ian said.

Zeke didn’t respond but reached out and brushed sweaty hair out of Ian’s face. Ian’s skin instantly electrified. He stopped himself from grabbing Zeke’s hand and kissing it. Having the amazingly fierce and powerful svarta in his bed scared Ian more than the dark realm had. If he didn’t set some boundaries right away, Zeke would overwhelm him, dominate him, enslave him. And the pathetic thing was, it sounded so good Ian would have a hard time standing up for himself.

“Listen, Zeke, we need to talk.”

Zeke grabbed his shoulder and pulled him close. He pressed his lips against Ian’s, and all thoughts of talk vanished in a surge of lust. Zeke nibbled on Ian’s lower lip, then thrust his long tongue deep into Ian’s mouth. The flow of dark energy was like a nectar Ian couldn’t get enough of. Just when he thought he never wanted to stop kissing, Zeke broke away. He slid on top of Ian and began to kiss and bite his neck. The weight of Zeke’s body pressing him into the mattress and immobilizing him reminded Ian of his fears.

“I know you’re used to being in charge and all, but we need to set some ground rules—”


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