Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Acceptable

Hello and welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. Thank you for joining me as I continue to share from my WIP, a romantic gay fantasy inspired by the tale of Snow White. In this scene, Prince Gabriel is getting ready to attend the grand feast, where he’s expected to make a speech in support of his brother Tristan, who recently became king after the death of their mother. You can read last week’s snippet here if you like.


Gabriel gave himself one last glance in a mirror against the wall. Acceptable.

He headed for the door.

“Are you headed down already, sir?” Webster asked, eyes wide.

Gabriel looked at the arrangement of cloaks, scarves, gloves and other fancies that Webster had pulled out of the cupboards. No doubt he’d spent the afternoon spinning fantasies of how he’d dress his prince up like a proper gentleman for the first time.

“Yes.  I’m not a doll here for your amusement, Webster.”

“Of course not, sire! It’s just that you look, you look absolutely wonderful, sire, in proper clothing.”

“Thank you,” Gabriel said, and pulled the heavy door shut behind him, effectively blocking a phalanx of servants ready to chase after him.  He wondered what they’d do. Count to ten and then race after him?

That’s the official ten. Here’s a bit more:

He grinned and stalked off, not down to the hall but round the corner to the next flight of stairs, to his mother’s suite. 

That would confound them for a few minutes at least. He shook his head. Less than an hour back and he was already sick of the pomp and annoyance of being treated like a prince.  Tristan’s accusation that Gabriel might have his eye on the throne came back, and he laughed out loud.  It was the last thing he wanted. He’d rather be a pauper living in a hut in the Black Forest than endure the miseries of being a king.


Watch out, Gabriel, this might fall under the category of “be careful what you wish for.” Insert>evil author laugh<


© Jakub Krechowicz | Dreamstime.com

Blurb in progress for Snow:

Following the death of his mother the Queen, Prince Gabriel returns home for the first time in three years, hoping for a reconciliation with his estranged brother, the new king, but all is not well at Castle Rosenthal. King Tristan has fallen under the sway of a mysterious noble woman with a dark past, and all along the border of the Black Forest, magical denizens are on the move. Gabriel begins to fear for his life. Is the handsome huntsman in on a plot to assassinate him, or is there an even darker, more evil power afoot? A forced flight into the Black Forest may expose ancient magic at work, if Gabriel can survive long enough to uncover it.


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