Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Shadows and Contrasts


Welcome to another edition of Weekend Writing Warriors.  We’ve had a blessed bit of rain here in Oregon, which makes for a lovely cool Sunday morning to snuggle up with some fabulous snippets of fiction.  This week I’m continuing to share from my new release, Betwixt and Between, an m/m contemporary fantasy set in Seattle.  Our hapless hero Ian has encountered a magical being at the Pike Street Market. Although sensing the man is dangerous, Ian just can’t walk away.  This is a little bit after last week’s snippet.


Ian waited until the musician entered into a very complicated set of notes before lifting the camera and snapping off a rapid succession of shots. Good thing he’d put in the high-speed film, as the stairwell was full of shadows and contrasts. One beam of sunlight snuck in around a cement beam and lit the violin player like a spotlight. Ian held the viewfinder to his eye and zoomed in. He focused on the creature’s eyes, which suddenly bored straight into his soul.

Instantly, Ian lowered the camera, but the mental image of the jewel-chip eyes took on a life of their own. Like blue flames, they danced across his vision and lodged in his memory.

Shit. He’d been zapped with some kind of spell for sure.


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17 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Shadows and Contrasts

  1. I was cruising along with him, snapping photos…and I was thinking how brilliant he was for waiting until the creature was distracted with a complicated piece of music and then, whammo! “Shit. He’d been zapped with some kind of spell for sure.”

    I love how you write, Alexis. I study your style–and I mean that in the best possible way. 🙂

    I’m enjoying this story–but I have to ask, (scifi nerd here) have you been working on your scifi story? 🙂


  2. A bit of turn about is fair play, eh? Instead of capturing his musician on film, the musician had captured him from the start….

    Of course, we know that this was the intention from the start based on earlier snippets. But… now, we wonder if maybe Ian captured his target somewhat as well.


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