Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Frostbite

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!  Well, I managed a double screw-up last week. Not only did I forget to sign up on the WWW blog hop list, I ended up in a hotel room with iffy wi-fi so I wasn’t able to participate at all.  Alas,  a perfectly good snippet lost to the ether.  However, you can still read it here if you’ve a mind too.  Also, I announced week that I received the contract for Death by Starlight! So, hurrah again for Ian, Zeke and the gang.  I’m jumping ahead a bit from last week (which no one read anyway).  Alistair has discovered that an unknown malevolent force cast a tracking spell around Zeke. They have negotiated a price and Alistair is going to try to remove the spy web.


Alistair stood, squeezed past Zeke and knelt down to pull a chest from beneath the berth. He removed a dubious looking assortment of ingredients and tucked them between arm and chest, muttering all the while.

“This ain’t no svarta hex,” he said, almost to himself. He returned to his chair and began dumping bits of this and that in a seemingly random fashion into a glass jar.

“What else could it be?” Zeke asked.

“Dunno…been fooling with fairies on your vacation?” The lines had vanished so Alistair threw more of his infernal dust in the air, revealing them to sight again. The webbing was thin, almost like real cobwebs, and white. Zeke ran his fingers through them. They were so cold he yelped and checked his skin for frostbite, but they’d left no marks.


Edge of Night 2: Death by Starlight

Ian and Zeke fought a battle against the queen of the dark realm in order to be together, but just when they think they might settle into as normal a life as elves living among humans might be able to expect, a new enemy threatens to tear them apart. While Zeke helps the shaman Alistair in his hunt for an elusive mermaid, Ian is called to confront a wicked nymph preying on tourists along Seattle’s waterfront. Zeke and Ian soon discover that the defeated Queen Ysolde has spread her evil into the sea realms, and danger lurks beneath every wave, but it is too late to stop an escalating series of confrontations that lead to disappearances, death and the possible end of light in this world.

As Ysolde plots revenge and a mysterious prince seeks to win Ian for himself, the ancient war between light and dark sweeps Ian and Zeke into its maelstrom of hate, testing their trust of each other to the utmost.

AD_EON1_BetwixtandBetween_cover large

Edge of Night: Book 1

Available at these retailers:  Amazon   Kobo   Barnes & Noble  Books2Read

This post is part of an ongoing blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Every Sunday, participating authors post eight to ten sentences from a published work or perhaps their current work in progress. Then we hop to our fellow warriors’ blogs and check out all the fabulous fiction that’s happening! I heartily invite you to participate as a reader, writer, or both. It’s a great way to discover your next favorite book. Click here or use the address: http://www.wewriwa.com

14 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Frostbite

  1. Fairie dust in an old trunk? I want to know why. Also, congratulations on the contract. Wooha! Finally, my dirty mind was at work as I ready this in your intro: ” I ended up in a hotel room with…” My mind automatically supplied something far more interesting than iffy wifi. 😉

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