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I’m taking a break from Jacqui’s adventures today to celebrate the re-release of Blood of Salar: Masters and Mages 2 and share the shiny new cover which I love, love, love.  The contract for Blood ran out about a month ago, and I’ve been remiss in getting it repackaged and up for sale again. The entire series will be “refreshed” on May 9, so stay tuned for that.

Blood of Salar is the second book in the Masters and Mages series, and in it we get to know more about Jamil, the royal assassin whose world was rocked by an encounter with a monk at the healing  temple of Ka’alar (serpent god of death and renewal) in book 1.  In this scene, Jamil is stalking a important target, but finds himself lured into a situation he wants no part of.  *I confess to fiddling with punctuation in order to fit the ten sentence limit*


Jamil wasn’t sure what the snake god wanted, but he knew what he himself desired: justice.

Another prisoner took advantage of the distraction to break free—a young girl, also in monk’s habit, running not away but toward the violence.

Salar help me, Jamil thought.

The bow and arrow slid into place with hardly any thought on his part. He drew his arm back and lowered the tip of the arrow, eye on the lout currently bending over the monk on the ground. Even with this tempting target, Jamil hesitated to kill.

This so-called soldier was a waste of an assassin’s arrow, to say nothing of an assassin’s soul. The soldier was of no importance, and the monk, being of no threat to anyone, was even less so. To act would be to endanger Jamil’s mission and defy his king.

Ka’alar decides who will die–so decide, serpent!


Cover design by Rubin Ludwig Design, Inc.



“Intense fight scenes and action packed. This story grabs hold and doesn’t let go til the end. The descriptions of the powers of the two gods were awe inspiring.”

“Spirited, Enchanting…Wicked good!” – Rainbow Book Reviews

“Fantastic read. Highly recommended.”  – Five Heart Review at MM Good Book Reviews

“Blood of Salar is a cut above” – 5 Star Review at Inked Rainbow Reads

“Alexis Duran’s elegant yet earthy prose drew me hard and fast into the first book,Touch of Salar” – 5 Heart Review by Velvet Panic

Now available on Amazon. Other vendors coming soon.


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12 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Blood is Back

  1. I agree with Ed, a month after getting back the rights? Good luck! Great snippet. I like how you show his dilemma. Says a lot about him. Great cover!


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