Weekend Writing Warriors~ You Must Obey


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop where writers from a wide variety of genres share their work in excerpts of ten sentences or less. I’m continuing to share from my current work-in-progress, a reimagined fairy tale based on the story of Snow White. In my version, Snow White is male, a young prince named Gabriel who’s just returned home after a long absence. With their mother the queen now dead, Gabriel’s brother Tristan has been made king.  Unfortunately Tristan seems obsessed with the Black Forest which borders his kingdom, and also with forcing Gabriel to join the hunt, which he is loathe to do, being an early pioneer of the animal rights movement. You can read last week’s snippet here.


Tristan took a few steps toward the river, hands on his hips and declared, “There’s black magic afoot in the world, and it is coming from in there.”

Gabriel took the opportunity to shoot Falkner a questioning look. Again, Falkner shrugged and looked as if he’d rather be anywhere than in Greenswale meadow humoring his drunken king.

But Tristan and Falkner were old friends, comrades-in-arms, and if anyone knew the king’s true mind, it would be the huntsman. Gabriel decided to corner Falkner later and question him regarding his brother’s health.

“We did flush out a stag near the old Brandenburg forest road, just before we crossed paths with Prince Gabriel,” Falkner said in an obvious attempt to distract Tristan. “It won’t cross the river, I’m guessing, and the dogs might be able to pick up its scent.”

“Well, then, no more idling about stuffing our faces.” Tristan turned, eyes gleaming. “And before you whine to me about not wishing to hunt, Brother, let me remind you that I’m your king now and you must obey.”


Another creepy forest image. Alas, this one I did not take.

Blurb-in-progress for Snow, a reimagined fairy tale:

Following the death of his mother the Queen, Prince Gabriel is called home by his brother, now King. Gabriel hopes for a reconciliation with his estranged brother, but all is not well at Castle Rosenthal. King Tristan has fallen under the sway of a scheming alchemist, the magical denizens of the bordering Black Forest are on the move, and Gabriel begins to fear for his life. Is the handsome huntsman in on a plot to assassinate him, or is there an even darker, more evil force afoot? A forced flight into the Black Forest may expose ancient powers at work, if Gabriel can survive long enough to uncover them.


Weekend Writing Warriors is a blog hop where writers from a wide variety of genres share from their work in excerpts of ten sentences or less.  Click the link to check out the other writers participating today.  It’s a great way to discover your next favorite book

10 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors~ You Must Obey

  1. Tristan does seem to be quite a bit off kilter as the snippets progress. This hunt could be quite a disaster, I’m guessing! But I can’t wait to read more – terrific excerpt.


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