Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Crashing

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop where writers from a wide variety of genres share from their work in ten sentences or fewer.

Last week, Jacqui found out something terrible about cat shifters. They don’t tolerate crossbreeds, and put them down at birth. Jacqui is half caracal, half domestic, so here he is, dealing with the fallout of that information:


Like a crashing line of dominoes, several monumental thoughts hit him—one by one.

One—his mother had abandoned him for good reason. He was a reject. He should have been put down. She’d left him with regular humans to save his life, and maybe hers. So risky a choice, and yet so necessary. He’d always believed she cared about him, wanted him to survive, because her last words to him, seared deep into the marrow of his subconscious, were, “Never let them see you shift.” Now he could see why, if she really had cared about him, she would’ve dumped him on the stoop of a church.

But then, Domino Number Two hit; a thought that had never occurred to him. His tribe didn’t want him.

That’s ten, but I’ve finished out the rest of Jacqui’s thoughts below:

Or more accurately, he didn’t have a tribe. He’d always imagined that when he found his people, they would welcome him back with loving arms, rejoice in his homecoming as if he were a lost prince, or at least a lost brother, or second cousin.

But there would be no welcome. No homecoming. They hated him. Wanted him dead.

Domino Number Three—there were a lot of cat people out there somewhere, and they weren’t nice.



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9 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Crashing

  1. Such a sad snippet! So disappointing to learn that information. But, I hope Jacqui finds the sense of belonging he’s looking for somehow.


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