Weekend Writing Warriors ~ You Ain’t Them

Hello and welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop where writers from a wide variety of genres share from their work in ten sentences or fewer. However we now have a new rule which lets us add a bit more to round out the post, so I’m abusing that privilege today! I’m going to start sharing from my upcoming release soon, so only a few more Jacqui excerpts to go.

I’ve skipped ahead from last week, because I want to get a big revelation that affects everything that happens next. Jacqui is grilling Reggie about where he came from. Reggie speaks first.


“The head of my clowder is a total asshole, so I split. I ran. Been running ever since. New York, Munich, Casablanca. There are more wild domestics than you’d think. They treat us the worst, I guess. Say, what breed are you, anyway?”

Jacqui had prepared for this question all his life.

“I’m a caracal. A wild African—”

*That’s ten, but I wanted to finish out this part of the conversation, in which Jacqui learns something disturbing about “his people”.

“No, you’re not. I met some caracals when I was in Morocco and you ain’t them. They’re bigger and their ear tufts are longer. I thought I knew all the tribes but you look kind of like, uh…holy shit.” Reggie blanched and his buggy eyes got wider. Even though they were alone, he dropped his voice to a whisper and asked, “You’re a mixed breed, aren’t you?”

At a loss, Jacqui glared at him.

Yeah. Probably. Maybe. So what?

“Got a problem with that, Reggie?”

“Me? No! Not at all. It’s just that, uh, they usually kill mutts—I mean—mixed breeds, at birth, so I’ve never met one.” His big eyes shifted around nervously. Clearly he regretted bringing it up, giving Jacqui the chance to have another internal mental meltdown.

Kill at birth. Reject. Outsider. Loner. Mutt.

We’re still alone.

Everything he didn’t want to be. Everything he thought would end when he met “his people”.



PS To those also frustrated by WordPress’ new block editor, I discovered that if you start a post, save it and go out, you then have the option to edit with “Classic Editor”, which gets you back to the format to which we are accustomed! The only draw back is that every time you press save a message box pops up to ask if you’re sure you want to use classic. Worth it if you’re tired of struggling with the new format.


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11 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors ~ You Ain’t Them

  1. He really looked forward to meeting more like him, but that’s definitely disappointing news to find out when he did. In a way, he’s alone all over again. A great snippet!


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