Weekend Writing Warriors ~ In the Dark

Hello Everyone, and welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop where writers from a wide variety of genres share from their work in excerpts of ten sentences, with maybe a few more added on for your reading pleasure.

I think this is the last snippet I’ll be sharing from Shameless In Seattle. I’m getting into territory where it’s hard not to reveal too much, as Aaron’s stalker is about to make an entrance. I wish I could share more, as I really love that character, but you know, mystery and all.

I’m continuing on from last week, with Aaron and his ex, Martine, at Bumbershoot, hoping to flush out the elusive Olympia Konstantin.


Martine handed Aaron his beer so he could flip through the photos again. Aaron practiced scanning the crowd without appearing to scan the crowd. It was a natural enough thing to do, with all of Seattle’s weirdness on glorious display; jugglers, face painters, mimes and dancers mingling with glassy-eyed tourists, teenagers looking for trouble and the serious art minded folk who came for the poetry readings and stayed for the over-priced wine. And that was only a minor fraction of the human array on display. So easy for a nondescript, non-performer to meld in and never be noticed.

“Whoa, someone you dated, mayhaps?” Martine asked. He’d stopped at the yearbook photo of Elliot Fadley.

“No, he was two years behind me. I don’t even remember him.”

“Hmm. Must of bloomed late.”

That’s ten. Here’s a bit more if you’re so inclined:

“And I didn’t date guys in high school, remember?”

“Oh, yeah, speaking of blooming late. Wow, look at the maracas on this one.” He’d moved on to Liz’s photo featuring a canyon of cleavage.

“She’s my main suspect. Most likely to have been friends with Victoria.”

“Who’s Victoria?”

Aaron hesitated. He’d never told Martine about the Mr. Tuck incident and certainly not about Victoria. Withholding information was getting awkward and was the main reason why he hadn’t called in his cop friend earlier to help track down the stalker. But Martine wasn’t an investigator for nothing.

“She’s the one with the big secret you’re afraid your stalker is going reveal?”

“Yes. Can we leave it at that for the moment?”

“Sure, but working in the dark won’t help me help you.”


Cover by Robin Ludwig Designs

Shameless In Seattle is now available. Click here to view on Amazon.

Aaron Schafer, star reporter for the Seattle Times, is shocked to find out he’s the inspiration for a series of bodice-ripper romances written by a reclusive author no one has met.  He’s even more surprised, and disturbed, on discovering intimate secrets from his past buried in the pages of Shameless in Seattle. Who is this mystery author, who has clearly been stalking him and stealing details from his life? Are they dangerous? And worse, will they reveal Aaron’s darkest secret to the world? Aaron decides to stalk the stalker, a decision that might change both of their lives.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors ~ In the Dark

  1. He’s going to have to spill the big secret sooner or later if he really wants help! This seems to be at the root of the whole thing…enjoyed the snippet, very smooth in advancing the story, as always with your prose. I like Martine!


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