Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Don’t You Remember Me?

Wow, is it really Sunday again? I guess it must be because we’re both here in cyberland, waiting to read fabulous fiction.  So, Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!  I’ve been sharing from my latest release, Death by Starlight, an m/m urban fantasy set in Seattle.  Zeke the dark elf and Alistair the disreputable shaman have been searching for Mellosa the not-so-friendly mermaid out on the Salish Sea.  They  find her, and Zeke notices she’s not quite the charming little mermaid type one might expect.


Mellosa’s eyes were huge, mouth wide and full of sharp teeth, including incisors that would put any vampire to shame. Her hair wasn’t really hair but a living, breathing part of her, more akin to fronds or feathery tentacles then the dead strands that covered a human’s head.

Her fingers were webbed, and fins sprouted from her shoulders and biceps. Still, as she drummed her fingers against the gunwale, it was easy to see how a lonely man or woman might become entranced by her.

“Why have you called me from my hunting?” she asked, speaking directly to Zeke in a high, almost screechy voice. Gills on her long neck fluttered softly.

Alistair sank slowly to the bench. “Mellosa, my love, don’t you remember me?”

“Of course I remember you, smelly old man.” The way she emphasized man made it clear she considered the word an insult.



Edge of Night 2: Death by Starlight

In Betwixt and Between, Ian and Zeke fought a battle against the queen of the dark realm in order to be together. Now, when they think they might settle into as normal a life as elves living among humans might be able to expect, a new enemy threatens to tear them apart. While Zeke helps the shaman Alistair in his hunt for an elusive mermaid, Ian is called to confront a wicked nymph preying on tourists along Seattle’s waterfront. Zeke and Ian soon discover that the defeated Queen Ysolde has spread her evil into the sea realms, and danger lurks beneath every wave, but it is too late to stop an escalating series of confrontations that lead to disappearances, death and the possible end of light in this world.

As Ysolde plots revenge and a mysterious prince seeks to win Ian for himself, the ancient war between light and dark sweeps Ian and Zeke into its maelstrom of hate, testing their trust of each other to the utmost.


“I love this author’s imagination and skill, from the magical, emotional, and erotic nuances of the romantic pair, the details of the underground world of the svarta, the remote and glacial world of the liosa, and the characters that support or thwart them. Highly recommended!” ~ Velvet Panic


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My Sexy Saturday ~ Bells on Their Toes


Happy Last Shopping Weekend Before Christmas!   This week on My Sexy Saturday the theme is Our Sexy Holidays.  I’ll admit to stealing an idea I saw on a blog last week, in which writers took characters from one of their books and dropped them into the chaos of Black Friday.  I couldn’t help but imagining my dark elf Zeke from Betwixt and Between coming in contact in with Santa’s elves in the mall, and what he might think about how his race is depicted. If I get ambitious I might finish the story and post it for the holidays.  In the meantime, hope you enjoy these seven paragraphs.


Ian squeezed out of the mob in the games aisle with the last box of Star Wars Legos clutched in both hands, and was horrified to find himself face to face with a twenty foot tinsle-swathed Christmas tree, a bleary-eyed Santa, three irritable elf impersonators and line of squealing, screaming, crying, shouting kids and their parents that extended all the way to perfumes. Where the hell was Zeke? They had to pay for the damn toy and get the hell out of this winter nuthouse land.

Through the muzak version of Jingle Bells and the tumult of the Meet and Be Terrified by Santa line, a deep voice growled in his ear, “Those are supposed to be elves? In my entire life I’ve never seen an elf who looked like that.”

Zeke’s heat enveloped Ian and he relaxed, the crowd becoming a distant whirlpool of color and noise.

“That is what happens when elves hide from humans for a thousand years. Memories become distorted and, well, wrong.”

They both stared at the humans with enormous plastic ears, extended red noses and huge padded slippers ending in curled toes with bells on the tips, not to mention the entirely ludicrous attire of tights, odd little tunics and pointy hats.

“If anything, they look like trolls. Skinny little trolls,” Ian said.

“Trolls wouldn’t be caught dead with bells on their toes.”


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