SFR Brigade Presents- The Adventure Begins


THE SFRB Presents

Hello! This is my first foray on the Science Fiction Romance Brigade website. SFR Brigade Presents is a weekly opportunity to share excerpts from published work or works in progress that fall under the wide sky dome of SF Romance.  One of my current WIPS, From Mars, With Love, fits right in.  If you’d like to check out the other fun and fabulous fiction being presented, click here.


From Mars, With Love

No one believes me when I say I knew Eli Karmazin back when he was plain old Eli, but it’s true.

I’d always thought that Eli led a charmed life until the day we both got caught up in the slave sweeper. Eli’s swift feet and lucky avoidance of bad shit failed him that day, and I can’t say I’m sorry. Don’t get me wrong. We’s friends, Eli and I. I wasn’t sorry about him getting swept ‘cause I like having company in my misery and his company was better than most. And he had that luck, which faltered but didn’t fail him entirely. So I stuck to him like glue and hoped the sweepers would consider us a two-for-one deal and not pry us apart. They didn’t much care, we all being op-digs and self-propelled and oxy-huffers and so into the bin we went without so much as a hideeho and off we go, to Mars or maybe the lunar station or well, who really knew shit back then in the bin. Not me.

But I gets ahead of myself, as usual ‘cause I never told how me and Eli met, we unlikely friends, earthside.


From Mars, With Love is an erotic space opera. Eli and Rilke, two down-and-out earthers get picked up by a slave sweeper and find themselves on the way to Mars.  When the slavers discover that Eli is in possession of a much-desired alien artifact, their adventures become even more dangerous.

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