Don’t Hold Back

long_SeductiveSnS_rednblackWelcome to another week of Seductive Studs & Sexy Sirens! This is the the amazing blog hop where writers of hot GLBTQ fiction and reviews share short snippets of their work.  Continue the hop by clicking on the link above.

I’m continuing with excerpts from my current release, Touch of Salar.  M’lan, the monk with the healing touch, is treating the man he knows only as the major for the first time.  He’s having a hard time staying detached.


M’lan never asked for this life of passionless sacrifice. He released his frustration on the major’s perfect ass. One hand on the curve of the back where the smooth spine began to slope toward the anus, he pushed on a knot of muscles with the other fist, remembering occasionally to breathe and call on the healing energy.

Thank goodness the monks were required to wear loose, chaste clothing. His erection would be considered most unseemly. The silk of his robe stuck to his sweaty back, and he wished he could peel it off and press skin against skin. He leaned close, mouth watering inches away from a slick buttock. How he’d like to slide his tongue down that deep groove.

“Don’t hold back,” the major said, snapping him out of a most inappropriate fantasy.

He cleared his throat. “What?”

“Don’t worry about hurting me. I know you can go harder.”


About Touch of Salar:

In a world ruled by tyrannical kings and fickle gods, the young monk M’lan finds himself at the center of royal intrigue as his healing powers attract the attention of his superiors. When he learns the handsome warrior whose body he’s tending to is not only a noble, but a king’s assassin, any attachment to him might prove fatal. Despite the danger, he can’t stop himself from falling in love. Can he risk the abandon of passion when a slip of the tongue might force his lover to execute him?

Major Jamil Jarka comes to the temple with one intention—heal his wounds so he can return to the fight against the rebellion. When the monk assigned to him turns out to be stunningly attractive, he sees this as a pleasant distraction, no more. But soon he finds himself becoming obsessed with M’lan and is torn between the fear of betrayal and the lure of love.

Sinister forces strive to turn the monk and the warrior against each other—a conflict neither will survive if they cannot trust their lives to love and the healing power of Salar.

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