My Sexy Saturday #3 ~ Blood of Salar


Time for another play date with the writers of My Sexy Saturday.  Wether you’re a reader, writer or both, there’s plenty of steamy fun to be had by clicking the link and checking out the amazing selection of excerpts.  Writers of sizzling hot fiction will share either 7 words, 7 lines or 7 paragraphs from one of their works.  This week’s theme is “what happens after you say The End?”  Well, I haven’t written any sequels yet except for the next novella in the Masters & Mages series.  Currently titled Blood of Salar, I’m a tad reluctant to reveal too much about what’s happened to our heroes, so I thought  I’d offer 7 sentences designed to wet your appetite.


From Blood of Salar, sequel to my current release, Touch of Salar:


“I beg you to be supremely careful. No more nude dips alone at night, please.”

“It worked out well tonight.”

“But I won’t be here the next time. I wish you’d let me protect you.”

“I can’t leave, not yet. You know that.”



About Touch of Salar

In a world ruled by tyrannical kings and fickle gods, the young monk M’lan finds himself at the center of royal intrigue as his healing powers attract the attention of his superiors. When he learns the handsome warrior whose body he’s tending to is not only a noble, but a king’s assassin, any attachment to him might prove fatal. Despite the danger, he can’t stop himself from falling in love. Can he risk the abandon of passion when a slip of the tongue might force his lover to execute him?

Major Jamil Jarka comes to the temple with one intention—heal his wounds so he can return to the fight against the rebellion. When the monk assigned to him turns out to be stunningly attractive, he sees this as a pleasant distraction, no more. But soon he finds himself becoming obsessed with M’lan and is torn between the fear of betrayal and the lure of love.

Sinister forces strive to turn the monk and the warrior against each other—a conflict neither will survive if they cannot trust their lives to love and the healing power of Salar.

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