My Sexy Saturday ~ Ten Years of Waiting


Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. This week’s theme is A Long Sexy Time and I just happen to have the perfect WIP to mine for sexy goodies.  Rainshadow tells the story of Devin’s return to his home town of Friday Harbor after a fantasy romance goes terribly wrong, and the second chance this gives Jake Shelton, who’s had a crush on Devin since high school.  This scene is the first time they meet after Devin’s return.


Jake finally made it to the lounge of the huge yacht and was stunned to see Devin Chase standing behind the chrome bar, drumming his fingers on the glossy surface. It took Jake a second to register that Devin was working for the caterers, not attending the party as a guest. He wore a white button down shirt that set off his Mediterranean tan and his blond hair refracted the light of the sunset. Jake tried not to stare and failed.

Devin was dreamily gazing out the windows and Jake wondered if he was pining for the yachting life. Hell, Jake had a sailboat. Sure it might barely qualify as a lifeboat on Count what’s-his-name’s yacht, but he sure wouldn’t mind whisking Devin off to wherever it was he was dreaming about.

Devin emerged from his daydream and noticed he had a customer. His eyes widened when he saw Jake standing there. After an awkward beat, he said “Hi, Jake,” and stood frozen like a deer in headlights.

“Hey, Dev, I didn’t know you were working for Luke and Kim.”

“Then you must be the last person in Friday Harbor to find out. What can I get for you?”

“Just a beer, thanks. I’ve been in Seattle for a couple weeks drumming up business, meeting with clients. Guess I’m out of the loop.”

Devin finished pouring the beer and set the glass on a little napkin. Their eyes met and Jake’s heart lurched. He couldn’t believe how intense his reaction to Devin still was. If anything, it had gotten worse. Ten years of waiting for someone better, or even equal to come along had ended with Jake still alone and still fantasizing about the brown eyes that now regarded him with an inscrutable expression. The entire party faded away for a moment and it was like the first time they’d exchanged such an extended look. There wasn’t a doubt in Jake’s mind that he had to have this man or go insane with desire.


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