Seductive Studs ~ A Fighting Chance


Good evening, or morning, or whatever. Any time is the right time for Seductive Studs, the blog hop dedicated to m/m romance and the readers and writers who love it.  This week I’m continuing on from last week with a scene from my new release, Masters and Mages 3: Curse of Salar.  Captain Rayn Nevar is reviewing the state dinner with his minister, but his mind keeps wandering back to his first impressions of Prince Dezra.


History was forgotten for a moment as the desire to grab the man and ravage him on the spot demolished Rayn’s common sense. He’d been very glad his thick leather pants held his cock rigidly in place, for it would have tented a silk robe in a most awkward fashion.

He’d managed to keep his expression impassive, his stance relaxed, and his gaze steady. Still it had been a relief when Dezra looked away. Rayn’s mind started to work again, and he’d wondered if some vestige of Dezra’s mage blood remained locked inside that delicious body. Could an ordinary man have a fighting chance to enter the bed of such a creature and not be reduced to a jibbering slave? Wariness tempered Rayn’s lust.

Finally Havran had finished her speech, and the Armazins retreated to their table. The prince’s golden stare burned into Rayn’s back the entire way. Rayn wanted to flee the man and all he represented. He also wanted to hunt Dezra down and fuck him like he’d never been fucked before. Merely touching the prince could get him killed. Everything about Dezra screamed danger, but Rayn’s body didn’t care.


Blurb for Masters and Mages 3: Curse of Salar

In the desert kingdom of Jahar, the rule of mages has been overthrown and the ancient lineage of sorcerer kings wiped out. Prince Dezra and his sister are the last living members of the royal family and are held prisoners in their ancestral palace.

Prince Dezra lives a life of lies and deceit. In order to stay alive, he must pretend to be a drug-addicted wastrel, trusting no one, isolated from even his sister who has chosen to cooperate with the government that executed their parents.

Into his lonely existence comes a man who should be his sworn enemy; Captain Rayn Nevar. Dezra is irresistibly drawn to the rough soldier and his longing for a simple sexual encounter quickly morphs into a dangerous obsession.

Captain Rayn Nevar knows he should stay far away from Prince Dezra, but his desire for the beautiful young man overrides all common sense. Despite the fact that Dezra’s ancestors destroyed Rayn’s family, the captain finds himself in a position of protecting the prince from the many schemers who believe the last of the mages should be annihilated.

When treachery leads to Dezra’s escape, he is at last free to bond with the serpent god Ka’alar and develop his long repressed powers. Only the arrival of a mysterious monk with powers greater than Dezra’s stops the prince from using black sorcery to destroy all who stand in his way, including Rayn.

As Jahar edges toward another war between masters and mages, Rayn must question his devotion to his increasingly deadly lover while Dezra must decide if ultimate power is worth the ultimate sacrifice.

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My Sexy Saturday ~ Matthias


It’s My Sexy Saturday time again!  The theme this week is Our Sexy Boy (or Girl) and I’ve decided to share seven paragraphs from my work in progress, code name Matthias.  In this scene, Dylan, a reporter who’s trying to get the dirt on the successful and reclusive Matthias Krall, meets him face to face for the first time since they were in college together, ten years earlier.  He’s been chatting with one of Matthias’ handsome minions, Terrance, who was in the process of hitting on Dylan.


Dylan looked away, fiddling with his glass again, thumbing away the condensation, wondering how to steer the conversation back to safer water. He was saved by the soft swoosh of the door opening.

He almost dropped the glass when none other than Matthias Krall walked in, casually dressed in black jeans and soft-looking black shirt. Terrance sprang to his feet and moved around the table, hands out.

“Matthias.” His grin could have lit up Safeco field all on its own.

“Terrance.” Matthias’s smile wasn’t near the wattage of Terrance’s, but the look in his eye was one of extreme pleasure. He took Terrance’s hands into his own. “Good to see you.”

Damn, his words carried weight. What might have been a throw away greeting from anyone else sounded like divine absolution on Matthias’ lips. Dylan felt invisible as the two men shared some sort of silent bond. Terrance was dead wrong about that. Matthias did believe in emotional bondage, only to him alone.

Dylan took a quick gulp of water, grateful for the respite that gave him a chance to absorb Matthias’ presence before having to interact with him. Matthias was, of course, handsome beyond reason, the years having refined and chiseled his aristocratic features rather than soften them. His crystal blue eyes sparkled like sapphires, set off by his dark complexion and raven black hair. He was as lean and powerful looking as ever, maybe more so. His jeans fit perfectly. He’d rolled up his shirt sleeves, revealing a thin copper bracelet on each wrist. Dylan was a sucker for bling that accentuated the elegant lines of the masculine form.

He swallowed hard and worked on crafting the neutral, slightly wide-eyed and innocent expression that had served him so well in the past. People were only too willing to believe a certain dullness on the part of a too-pretty writer, as Dylan had been called more often than he cared to recall. But would Matthias believe it?


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My Sexy Saturday ~ No Glamour


Welcome to My Sexy Saturday– the blog hop that’s guaranteed to warm up your weekend.  This week’s theme is Sexy Me Twice. Again I was challenged to find just the right thing, so I decided to go with a sweet reunion scene.  These seven paragraphs are from one of my many WIPs, To Kill a King, follow up to my high fantasy m/m novella, To Catch a Threeve.


“Now that you’re sheriff, are you going to replace me with someone more respectable?”

“Never.” The glowering anger returned and Axel pulled him in roughly for a kiss. As usual when their lips met a tingling fire raced along beneath Liam’s skin and his groin muscles tightened. He held Axel’s waist and ground against him, everything besides his lover’s body falling from his awareness. Axel smelled like rain, mud and spicy sweat and his lips tasted like sweet brandy.

Liam opened his mouth and Axel slipped his tongue in, probing deep as one hand travelled up to Liam’s neck and pulled him in closer, forcing his back to arch. Liam held on tight to avoid losing his balance as Axel’s presence overwhelmed and enfolded him. He reached up and tore at the clasp holding Axel’s cloak in place. With a click the heavy wool slid to the floor. The surcoat presented a greater challenge. Liam slipped his hands into the wide armholes and ran his hands up Axel’s back, enjoying the feel of muscles tighten and flex.

Axel ended the kiss, but kept his lips close to Liam’s mouth. “I like you so much better this way,” he murmured.

“Helpless in your arms?”

“No glamour. You. You’re perfect the way you are. I wouldn’t change a thing.” He lowered his head and kissed Liam’s nape, his dirty, wild hair brushing Liam’s cheek. Embarrassed by compliments and not sure what to say, Liam decided to avoid the topic by diverting Axel’s attention. He grabbed Axel’s wide leather belt and tugged at the large buckle.

“I missed you,” he said.


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My Sexy Saturday ~ Keep Looking


Welcome to My Sexy Saturday.  This week’s theme is “I’ve got you, Babe.” I had a hard time coming up with an excerpt to match the theme, maybe because I’m always busy tearing my couples apart.  So this week’s seven is from an upcoming contemporary fantasy: title-yet-to-be-announced, in which my lovers, Zeke and Ian, got each other, but only oh-so briefly.


“I’ve searched for you my whole life.” Ian fingered sweaty strands of hair from Zeke’s face.

“Keep looking. Promise me you will keep looking.”

“If you don’t leave, I won’t have to.”

“It’s not my choice.” Zeke let go of Ian’s hand and his body faded,everything except the eyes.


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My Sexy Saturday ~ Ten Years of Waiting


Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. This week’s theme is A Long Sexy Time and I just happen to have the perfect WIP to mine for sexy goodies.  Rainshadow tells the story of Devin’s return to his home town of Friday Harbor after a fantasy romance goes terribly wrong, and the second chance this gives Jake Shelton, who’s had a crush on Devin since high school.  This scene is the first time they meet after Devin’s return.


Jake finally made it to the lounge of the huge yacht and was stunned to see Devin Chase standing behind the chrome bar, drumming his fingers on the glossy surface. It took Jake a second to register that Devin was working for the caterers, not attending the party as a guest. He wore a white button down shirt that set off his Mediterranean tan and his blond hair refracted the light of the sunset. Jake tried not to stare and failed.

Devin was dreamily gazing out the windows and Jake wondered if he was pining for the yachting life. Hell, Jake had a sailboat. Sure it might barely qualify as a lifeboat on Count what’s-his-name’s yacht, but he sure wouldn’t mind whisking Devin off to wherever it was he was dreaming about.

Devin emerged from his daydream and noticed he had a customer. His eyes widened when he saw Jake standing there. After an awkward beat, he said “Hi, Jake,” and stood frozen like a deer in headlights.

“Hey, Dev, I didn’t know you were working for Luke and Kim.”

“Then you must be the last person in Friday Harbor to find out. What can I get for you?”

“Just a beer, thanks. I’ve been in Seattle for a couple weeks drumming up business, meeting with clients. Guess I’m out of the loop.”

Devin finished pouring the beer and set the glass on a little napkin. Their eyes met and Jake’s heart lurched. He couldn’t believe how intense his reaction to Devin still was. If anything, it had gotten worse. Ten years of waiting for someone better, or even equal to come along had ended with Jake still alone and still fantasizing about the brown eyes that now regarded him with an inscrutable expression. The entire party faded away for a moment and it was like the first time they’d exchanged such an extended look. There wasn’t a doubt in Jake’s mind that he had to have this man or go insane with desire.


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USA Today Interview

Today I’m interviewed by Veronica Scott for her Happily Ever After column on USA Today.  It was a great interview with some thought provoking questions about inspiration and the story behind the characters. Thank you, Veronica!