My Sexy Saturday ~ No Glamour


Welcome to My Sexy Saturday– the blog hop that’s guaranteed to warm up your weekend.  This week’s theme is Sexy Me Twice. Again I was challenged to find just the right thing, so I decided to go with a sweet reunion scene.  These seven paragraphs are from one of my many WIPs, To Kill a King, follow up to my high fantasy m/m novella, To Catch a Threeve.


“Now that you’re sheriff, are you going to replace me with someone more respectable?”

“Never.” The glowering anger returned and Axel pulled him in roughly for a kiss. As usual when their lips met a tingling fire raced along beneath Liam’s skin and his groin muscles tightened. He held Axel’s waist and ground against him, everything besides his lover’s body falling from his awareness. Axel smelled like rain, mud and spicy sweat and his lips tasted like sweet brandy.

Liam opened his mouth and Axel slipped his tongue in, probing deep as one hand travelled up to Liam’s neck and pulled him in closer, forcing his back to arch. Liam held on tight to avoid losing his balance as Axel’s presence overwhelmed and enfolded him. He reached up and tore at the clasp holding Axel’s cloak in place. With a click the heavy wool slid to the floor. The surcoat presented a greater challenge. Liam slipped his hands into the wide armholes and ran his hands up Axel’s back, enjoying the feel of muscles tighten and flex.

Axel ended the kiss, but kept his lips close to Liam’s mouth. “I like you so much better this way,” he murmured.

“Helpless in your arms?”

“No glamour. You. You’re perfect the way you are. I wouldn’t change a thing.” He lowered his head and kissed Liam’s nape, his dirty, wild hair brushing Liam’s cheek. Embarrassed by compliments and not sure what to say, Liam decided to avoid the topic by diverting Axel’s attention. He grabbed Axel’s wide leather belt and tugged at the large buckle.

“I missed you,” he said.


Don’t forget to continue the hop to check out more sexy snippets from the other participants.  Seven words, seven lines or seven paragraphs of steamy fun await at My Sexy Saturday main page.

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