Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Alterations

Welcome to another round of Weekend Writing Warriors.  I was going to move on to a new story, but I decided that considering where I left off last week, that would just be mean.  I’m sure you’re all curious to know how Eli’s escape attempt turned out.  This is from my erotic space opera in progress, From Mars, With Love.


Reluctantly, Eli opened his eyes. A crushing wave of disappointment washed over him. He was in a pod, or half a pod, anyway. They hadn’t sealed him in yet. He tried to move but found his arms and legs weighed about a thousand kilos each. His left arm was stretched out along a metal plate, his wrist held in a vice and a microscope was trained on his pinky finger. Blue and red scan lines rippled across his mother’s ring.

“Until we discover the nature of the object, no alterations will be made to the host.”


So now you know. Sorry.  Here is a pretty picture to alleviate your pain.



Okay, it’s an arrow, not a gun and to be honest, I don’t even know Hawkeye’s backstory. SF or fantasy? But do we really care?


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11 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Alterations

  1. Phew! Out of the fire into the frying pan! I am very pleased you carried on with this storyline. I have to confess to wanting (a lot!) to find out what happens to him and why they want his ring.


  2. Wow! Love the whole scene of his awakening surprise to his mother’s ring. So many questions. Hawkeye’s image was a nice visual touch. 🙂


  3. So happy to have another excerpt from this story, glad there are to be no alterations to poor Eli for the time being at least. I hope we get to read the whole thing at some point, keep us posted, ok? Excellent snippet…


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