My Sexy Saturday ~ Matthias


It’s My Sexy Saturday time again!  The theme this week is Our Sexy Boy (or Girl) and I’ve decided to share seven paragraphs from my work in progress, code name Matthias.  In this scene, Dylan, a reporter who’s trying to get the dirt on the successful and reclusive Matthias Krall, meets him face to face for the first time since they were in college together, ten years earlier.  He’s been chatting with one of Matthias’ handsome minions, Terrance, who was in the process of hitting on Dylan.


Dylan looked away, fiddling with his glass again, thumbing away the condensation, wondering how to steer the conversation back to safer water. He was saved by the soft swoosh of the door opening.

He almost dropped the glass when none other than Matthias Krall walked in, casually dressed in black jeans and soft-looking black shirt. Terrance sprang to his feet and moved around the table, hands out.

“Matthias.” His grin could have lit up Safeco field all on its own.

“Terrance.” Matthias’s smile wasn’t near the wattage of Terrance’s, but the look in his eye was one of extreme pleasure. He took Terrance’s hands into his own. “Good to see you.”

Damn, his words carried weight. What might have been a throw away greeting from anyone else sounded like divine absolution on Matthias’ lips. Dylan felt invisible as the two men shared some sort of silent bond. Terrance was dead wrong about that. Matthias did believe in emotional bondage, only to him alone.

Dylan took a quick gulp of water, grateful for the respite that gave him a chance to absorb Matthias’ presence before having to interact with him. Matthias was, of course, handsome beyond reason, the years having refined and chiseled his aristocratic features rather than soften them. His crystal blue eyes sparkled like sapphires, set off by his dark complexion and raven black hair. He was as lean and powerful looking as ever, maybe more so. His jeans fit perfectly. He’d rolled up his shirt sleeves, revealing a thin copper bracelet on each wrist. Dylan was a sucker for bling that accentuated the elegant lines of the masculine form.

He swallowed hard and worked on crafting the neutral, slightly wide-eyed and innocent expression that had served him so well in the past. People were only too willing to believe a certain dullness on the part of a too-pretty writer, as Dylan had been called more often than he cared to recall. But would Matthias believe it?


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