My Sexy Saturday ~ Barricade the Door


Welcome to My Sexy Saturday!  If you’re looking to cool off, this is probably not the place to be. However, if you’re looking for a little spice in your fiction, a little sweet and sexy to start your day, then you’re definitely in the right place.  This week’s theme is My Sexy Beast.  I’m sharing from my m/m fantasy Gryffon Hall, which is coming out this Tuesday!  Gryffon Hall is inspired by the fairy tales Beauty and the Beast and, of course, The Griffin.

In this scene, Wryler has arrived at the foreboding home of his mysterious fiancée, Lord Aeric Rouchet.  Wryler heard many dark tales about his husband-to-be during the journey to Gryffon Hall and is experiencing an advanced case of pre-wedding jitters.


Wryler tensed, hearing each footfall as it drew closer. He was close to bursting with tension when the steps slowed and stopped before his door. Was Rouchet going to burst in and take what was not yet legally his? Wryler quieted his ragged breaths, and the boots moved on, but stopped again only a few steps down. The door next to Wryler’s opened and slammed shut, and then Wryler heard no more. Was Rouchet right next door? Wryler stood up and pressed his ear to the wall, but the thick stone gave up no secrets.

He pushed back and shook his head. Of course husband and husband might be expected to have adjoining rooms. The thought of Rouchet so close sent prickles all along Wryler’s skin. He nearly yelped when a tiny pinhole of light appeared in the wall. He moved down the wall and discovered a door built to blend right into the paneling.

How awful! Rouchet could spring out at him at any time. Wryler crouched down and peeked through the keyhole. All he could see was a similar keyhole about four feet away. The small passage had been built into the stone wall, and he guessed a similar door led into Rouchet’s room, if that was indeed Rouchet lurking on the other side of it. After a few minutes with no indication of movement or sound, the light went out.

Wryler crept back to bed and slid under the covers. Well, that was that. He’d never sleep again. He’d have to barricade the door. Knowing he could be jumped on and ravaged at any time… He tossed and turned, but his gaze kept returning to the invisible door. Willing it to stay shut. Willing it to burst open. How ridiculous he was being! He’d have to get used to it, obviously. That was the fate of a married man whose spouse was also a lord and a monster.

No, just an ordinary man. Wryler flopped onto his back and stared at the ceiling. Exhausted from the trip, he did sleep, and dreamt of a winged shadow creeping in through the small door and spreading its great weight across his helpless body. Feathers brushed his skin. Fur slid between his legs and stroked his cock. He couldn’t move as claws lightly explored his flesh.

His legs were forced apart, and the monstrous member he’d been warned of pushed its way into him, opening, opening, delving into him until he knew he would be torn in two.

He woke up panting, gripped not by the icy talons of terror, but a hot and searing arousal. Again and again his hand traveled to wrap around his stiff cock. Near dawn he relented and stroked himself to a quick and violent release, refusing to think of Rouchet’s hard body, chiseled jaw, and flashing green eyes. At last the shadow retreated, and Wryler fell into a dreamless sleep.


Gryffon Hall ~ Release date August 30th

Useless fourth son of the Lord of Glimmerveen, Wryler dreams of getting married and escaping the rustic confines of his father’s castle. A wealthy merchant’s son seems to hold the key to Wryler’s safe if somewhat dreary future. However, the arrival of a mysterious stranger on the eve of Wryler’s betrothal sends his plans into disarray and Wryler finds himself traded off in marriage to one of the most notorious rogues in the land.

Is Lord Aeric Rouchet the scoundrel he appears to be, or is he something much worse? Separated from his family and thrust into a strange and dangerous new life at the foreboding Gryffon Hall, Wryler must unravel the secret of his husband’s shadowed life and defeat the curse which threatens not only his growing affection for the barbarian in his bed, but the lives of everyone the Lord of Gryffon Hall is sworn to protect.


illustrated gryffon

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