Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Great Things to Come

Hello and Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop where writers from a wide variety of genres share from their work in excerpts of ten sentences or less.

First a public service announcement: Smashwords is having a “stuck at home- bored out of your mind” ebook sale, with participating authors’ books discounted from 30% to 60%. If you find yourself running low on reading material, check it out. My bestselling gay fantasy, Gryffon Hall, is included in the sale.

As it happens, Gryffon Hall shares a world with my current WIP, Snow. The world is The Black Forest, where ancient magical creatures live far from the sight of man, only occasionally appearing to cause mischief and mayhem.

In last week’s snippet, King Tristan told his brother Gabriel that he’s engaged, a very unexpected turn of events, given that Tristan was in a fury only moments before.


“The joyful news will be proclaimed tonight at the feast, with my brother by my side.  You will love her, won’t you?”

“Surely, if you do. Who is she?”  Gabriel’s head was spinning. Nothing about Tristan’s demeanor suggested joy or love or even the smug certainty of a good match.  And what of the announcement coming directly on the heels of an accusation of treachery? “What’s going on here?” he demanded.

But his volatile brother spun away and faced the men who’d been milling just out of earshot.

“My brother is right,” he said loudly, “The white stag is an omen, a sign of great things to come and it presented itself to me on this eve of the Hunter’s Moon to deliver this message: the old folk of the forest welcome my rule and submit to the new order of things.”


© Nenh302 | Dreamstime.com

Blurb-in-progress for Snow, a reimagined fairy tale:

Following the death of his mother the Queen, Prince Gabriel is called home by his brother, now King. Gabriel hopes for a reconciliation with his estranged brother, but all is not well at Castle Rosenthal. King Tristan has fallen under the sway of a mysterious noble woman with a dark past, and all along the border of the Black Forest, magical denizens are on the move. Gabriel begins to fear for his life. Is the handsome huntsman in on a plot to assassinate him, or is there an even darker, more evil power afoot? A forced flight into the Black Forest may expose ancient magic at work, if Gabriel can survive long enough to uncover it.


Weekend Writing Warriors is a blog hop where writers from a wide variety of genres share from their work in excerpts of ten sentences or less.  Click the link to check out the other writers participating today.  It’s a great way to discover your next favorite book.

11 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Great Things to Come

  1. An interesting take on what actually happened, but at least the topic has changed away from the charge of treachery.


  2. Mysteries and more mysteries and I’m pretty sure the white stag doesn’t portend what the king says it does! He seems really unbalanced, which means anything can and probably will happen to our hero. Great snippet!


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