My Sexy Saturday ~ A Wish Away


Happy 100th, My Sexy Saturday! Thanks for letting me play along every week on this amazingly fun blog hop.  This week’s theme is We’re Sexy Hot and in honor of this special anniversary, I’ve decided to post something a little racier than I normally put on this blog. So be warned, or inticed, whichever suits your fancy.

This snippet is from Betwixt and Between, my new release from Loose Id.  A svarta, by the way, is a dark elf.


The elf grinned, lips slick with Ian’s precum. Ian rolled his head to the side to look at anything other than that achingly sexy smile, but he couldn’t bring himself to let go of the elf’s hair or even try to push him away. He was only a wish away from losing control and probably losing himself forever. If only he could come and get a moment’s relief.

As if sensing his thoughts, the svarta put his teeth on the tip of Ian’s cock and bit down slightly. It was enough to send Ian’s climax whimpering in retreat.

“Please—” Ian gasped, hating his weakness.


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