Starry Nights Summer Hop Wrap Up

SFRBBH2Greetings and thank you to everyone who participated in the SFR Brigade Summer Hop.  By all accounts it was a successful and enjoyable affair.

I have to apologize for the delay in selecting the winner of my giveaway. As it happened, I drove home from Seattle the last day of the hop and basically crashed and burned (mentally, not actually) for a solid 24.  So here I go to activate the highly scientific method of placing names in a hat and drawing the winning commentator.  The hat is a fez, by the way, just so you can visualize this exciting moment As It Occurred!

And the winner of the $10 Loose Id gift certificate is – rhireading!

The grand prize winners of the SFR Contest are:

1st – Meri Bee
2nd Sierra McBride
3rd Alan Saxon, Melissa Weeks, Blair Smyth

Thank you everyone for playing along.  Happy reading and many happy starry nights to you all.

BTW, it’s never too late to mosey on over to the SFR Website and treat yourself to some fabulous new writers!

Starry Nights- SFR Brigade Summer Hop



Welcome to the SFR Brigade Starry Night Blog Hop!  For my part I’ve decided to share an excerpt from my WIP, an erotic space opera.  I hope you enjoy reading it and have fun continuing on the hop.

From Mars, With Love

The man in black put his hand on Eli’s shoulder and pushed him forward. “Shall we transport, or do you like it here?”

Eli shrugged the hand off, or tried to. The man squeezed tighter. Eli glared at him, yanked free and moved through the shuttle bay to a newly blowtorched hole where the marines had latched one of their mobile boarding tunnels. He took the chance to look out the wide portals. Camouflaged the color of night, the marine ship was nearly invisible. He could tell it was huge, about ten times the size of the cruiser. Battleship class. He couldn’t identify the subclass. Something new and secret. Maybe that’s why the man in black was there.

Eli’s gaze drifted beyond the void created by the ship. He froze in place. An audible gasp escaped as his mouth dropped open. He couldn’t help it. Earth hung in the abyss of space, a bluish dot approaching the point where it would become just another star.

He’d resented being called a groundling, but that’s what he was. He’d never left earth, barely ever left the surface and had only seen the stars in cheap lounge holos and vids at the library. Very rarely, when the northeastern winds picked up, he’d spotted a few distant lights in the sky beyond the gleam of the domes and towers of the city. That hadn’t stopped him from dreaming of being a pilot. In fact, the distant allure of those lights had encouraged his fantasies of adventures, far above the trash heaps of home.

This was no dream. The diamond specks of distant suns filled the swoop of space. He’d never believed there were so many. All thoughts dropped away as his reality finally hit him. No ground beneath his feet, only unfathomable distance. He expected the man in black to push him again. Instead he stood behind him. Eli could feel the heat radiating off him, a palpable contrast to the stunning emptiness all around them.

“First time off planet?” the man asked.

Eli snorted derisively. “Hardly.” But he still didn’t move. Not until propelled forward by a hand on his back. The touch was gentle this time. Somewhere in the back of his brain, Eli noted this. He’d think about it when he came down off the high of the stars.


My Giveaway:

Because my recently released novel, Touch of Salar, is fantasy, not science fiction, I decided to giveaway a $10.00 gift certificate to my publisher, Loose Id, so that you, dear reader, could select a steamy SF novel or whatever genre of steamy you like.  After the hop ends on the 25th I’ll choose a winner by drawing a random name from everyone who comments on this post.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Hubble Deep Space - enhanced photo from NASA

Hubble Deep Space – enhanced photo from NASA