Starry Nights Summer Hop Wrap Up

SFRBBH2Greetings and thank you to everyone who participated in the SFR Brigade Summer Hop.  By all accounts it was a successful and enjoyable affair.

I have to apologize for the delay in selecting the winner of my giveaway. As it happened, I drove home from Seattle the last day of the hop and basically crashed and burned (mentally, not actually) for a solid 24.  So here I go to activate the highly scientific method of placing names in a hat and drawing the winning commentator.  The hat is a fez, by the way, just so you can visualize this exciting moment As It Occurred!

And the winner of the $10 Loose Id gift certificate is – rhireading!

The grand prize winners of the SFR Contest are:

1st – Meri Bee
2nd Sierra McBride
3rd Alan Saxon, Melissa Weeks, Blair Smyth

Thank you everyone for playing along.  Happy reading and many happy starry nights to you all.

BTW, it’s never too late to mosey on over to the SFR Website and treat yourself to some fabulous new writers!

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